Monday, March 1, 2010

Mall This Over!

Every now and then, I blog about something a little funny/strange/random. This is one of those times….

This may not seem to be anything special, but it has really stirred my curiosity. It has to do with a couple that I see at the mall. Nearly every time I go to the mall, they are there. It’s not uncommon to run into familiar faces pretty much every time I visit, but I hardly see the same people consistently every time. This couple is the exception; and I don’t even KNOW them!!

I actually took a picture of them this time (from the back). Maybe next time, I will be in a position to take a picture of them from the front without making it look obvious or stalker-ish lol. But anyways, here they are:

They look perfectly casual and ordinary, right? In fact, maybe some of you who live around here have seen them yourselves (feel free to leave a comment if you have!). Yet, there is something very extra-ordinary (and maybe even strange/mysterious) about this couple.

The first thing that stands out about this couple is the woman. Every time I see her, she is wearing those horrible “Mom Jeans” and HUGE eyeglasses (which you can’t see in this picture, obviously). That’s probably why I can always recognize them; because I remember her “look” lol. I also always remember that man’s silvery hair and the cell-phone (or whatever it is) that’s clipped on his belt (she usually has something clunky clipped on her belt too). It’s almost like they are in some kind of “mall uniform” of their own design.

This leads me to believe that they aren’t your average shoppers! In fact, I have NEVER EVER seen them with a shopping bag of any kind! Ok, maybe they are “mall walkers” and they are just trying to get in some exercise. That would certainly explain why they are there so much. Though, they aren’t exactly in “fitness” attire of any kind. But, maybe at their age, it doesn’t really matter because they aren’t really looking to break a sweat. Or, maybe they just like to walk the mall together for fun, and to people watch (and enjoy people watching THEM lol).

The scenario that is more intriguing to me is that maybe, they are some kind of “secret agent” or something lol. In fact, I always jest about it to Mitch. I’ll say, “Hey, Mitch! You know that couple that we always see up here! There they are!” Last weekend, when I took this picture, I had said “Hey, Mitch, the secret agents are right behind us!”

Ok, maybe it’s because I always watch “Chuck” and I’m in that mindset lol! Though, it IS possible, isn’t it? After all, what reason would they have for being at the mall if they aren’t really shopping or exercising? You can’t go to the mall that many times and NEVER buy anything! That’s not possible (well, in my mind it isn’t lol).

The only glitch in the theory is that I can’t possibly fathom how either of them could roundhouse kick anyone in the face (if it ever came to something like that). How much wiggle room does she have in her high-waisted “Mom Jeans” to do that? You know, if she wore a fanny pack, she might be able to smuggle in some sweet spy tools and get away with it, wouldn’t she?! Though, I can’t imagine what they would be! Or, maybe they are a totally different type of undercover agent. Maybe they are “mystery shoppers”; in whatever way that could mean lol. Or, maybe they are a type of underground mall security force (much more stealthy than the Paul Blart sort!). I don’t know! I just think that they are very suspicious; and they fascinate me lol! If any of you have been to the mall and have seen these people (and have your theories) feel free to share! ;)

I would also welcome your comments and theories as to what you make of this strange sea creature we saw in the fish tank at the mall. Oh, and please help me figure out what the word “Amish” is doing on a restaurant sign that is Mexican in nature!! Thanks for reading/commenting!! Hope this blog entertained you and brought a smile to your face! ;)


Shane Gilreath said...

Definitely Mall Cops of the most ferocious variety! GRRR! Now, doesn't your mall feel safer?

BTW, I don't understand mall walkers. That would just be too depressing for me, walking around all the time, never buying. Depressing! I'll save my exercise for the gym or sports or...not at all!

Melissa said...

LOL! Yes, I totally feel safe! Seriously, though, they are so suspicious! I always look right at that lady and she looks at me about the same way I look at her! If I thought she was tech savvy, I might speculate she was writing an identical sort of blog! LOL

Ditto! I don't get the mall walking thing either! There is NO WAY I could just walk the mall without stopping to look at something or go in a store! I have my "route" that I take to hit all my fave places, so I walk plenty, but it's not a non-stop walk! ;) LOL If you ever visit, we will have to walk the mall! Oh, and we got TWO malls! That was the indoor mall. The other one is a fancy outdoorsy mall! VERY nice in the Spring/Summer to shop at! :)

Shane Gilreath said...

Maybe they're torturing themselves because it's Lent. They've given up shopping!!

Melissa said...

LOL! Possibly. But, how do you give up something that you never do in the first place? :) Now for ME, it would be torture!! ;) I was just there tonight. Didn't see them this time, but I wasn't really paying much attention anyways. Kids were acting up (though Mitch was taking care of that while I shopped lol). I was more IN the stores than I was walking around this time. Finally found something to wear for Easter to match everyone else's outfit. :) That among other things. LOL