Monday, May 26, 2008


I hope everyone had a blessed weekend; as well as a day of remembrance today. But, just like any “holiday” it mustn’t simply be an annual ritual. The meaning behind holidays like these should be remembered year round; for the sacrifices continue and the memories of fallen heroes live on. And while one can never repay the ones who have sacrificed so much, we can honor them with our respect and most importantly, our prayers. Lift them up to Jesus and pray for safety, protection, and that every soldier has the assurance that if he should fall, he will see the glory of heaven.

When thinking about such great sacrifices, it just leaves me so awestruck because the great love that rests in the heart of someone so willing to lay down their life for another is so immeasurably incomprehensible to me. It’s hard to put into words my thanks and gratitude.

It’s also hard to bear the fact that there are those that don’t honor such sacrifices and just go on with their lives without recognizing the fact that they wouldn’t even be living if someone else had not died. Every soldier that has ever fought a war to defend our blessed freedom needn’t have died in vain, and neither should Jesus. We shouldn’t forget that ULTIMATE SACRIFICE!!! I was reminded of that as I read a blog from my friend Pastor Rick today. I encourage you to read it. Though, I warn you, he doesn’t sugarcoat things so read at your own risk of being offended. ;)

I pray that you will be moved to give thanks for all those that have given up so much for you. Thank God for the soliders, and for His Son. Thank God that we live in a blessed nation such as this, and pray for this country of ours as well!! In fact, here is a very special website I want to share with you: As we all know, the future of our nation will take one turn or another come election time. Therefore, as we regularly pray for our leaders, let us also lift up this election and pray that we will have good God-fearing leaders in power. We live in a time where the moral fabric of our nation is unraveling, and if we elect wicked authorities, our nation will come apart at the seams. So please, visit the site, sign up, and pray!!

God bless all of you!! God bless our troops!! God bless America!!

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