Monday, August 11, 2008

What's Your Mission?

“We’ve got a mission!” That is the cute little phrase I always here the kids of “Little Einsteins” say when my children watch those DVDs. They travel around in a rocket and they carry out various “missions” to help someone or something. I think “Dora the Explorer” works the same way too. It’s kind of cute to see that being “mission minded” is now something being included in children’s programming, because that’s exactly how we’re designed to be!

“Missions” were the theme for Sunday’s sermon as Craig talked about serving and being a missionary to the world. Though, the greatest highlight is when he focused on the fact that missions don’t always mean that you have to leave and go to a foreign country. He cited an amazing example of that which we find in Mark 5:1-20. It’s the story of how Jesus cast the “legion” of demons from a tortured man. The miracle of what happened to that man spread through the region, but people were afraid of it and even begged Jesus to leave them alone. That’s kind of sad isn’t it? Though, Craig pointed out that when the light pierces the darkness, those who are living in the midst of that darkness often resist when confronted with the truth. It was obvious that the healing of the demon possessed man wasn’t something they were prepared to accept and rejoice in quite yet.

Understanding this fact, Jesus told the man to stay there and tell everyone what the Lord had done for him. The man was desperate to go with Jesus, but Jesus in essence said “Sorry, son. Your mission is here.” And while that might have initially disappointed the man, what better way to help lift his community out of darkness than by staying right where he was and witnessing to all of them with his testimony?!!

We all have a mission. We are all created on purpose for a purpose. What’s yours? You are NOT a mistake!! God placed you on this earth for a reason!! You are MEANT for something!! EVERYONE is special and EVERYONE has a mission!! Whether locally or internationally, and in whatever form it comes in, YOU have a mission!! Knowing your mission will spring forth from the very heart of missions which is caring about others more than you do about yourself. Servanthood is the pathway to purpose.

Nothing is too big or too small to be considered a “mission.” I know this because I once used to get down on myself a bit because I didn’t have the burning desire that some do to travel to a remote location on the planet to witness. My heart has always rooted itself locally more than anything - but that’s OK!!! After all, if everyone were leaving to witness everywhere else, who would be witnessing HERE amongst the lost, hurting, and lonely people right where we live? EVERY mission is important!! We NEED missionaries of every kind and on every scale: locally, nationally, and internationally. We’re all on the same team working towards the same goal!! NO ONE is insignificant. EVERYONE is needed! And, for all of us, our mission starts in our own homes in our roles as Christians, husbands, wives, fathers, mothers, siblings, etc. Even those roles are missions because you are shaping the character and lives of those around you! I know that I especially feel good about that fact because sometimes, when you are a stay-at-home mom, you don’t always “feel” like you are contributing to the world on a grand scale. Though, that’s not true because what you do TODAY as a mom is going to influence the world’s tomorrows!! Shaping and training children is no small or easy task; neither is it any less than any other “mission” in this world (if anything, it may be one of the greatest if you really think about it!! Who you nurture and train your child to be is a HUGE mission that will generate a monumental impact as they grow and become who they are created to be!). So, all you stay-at-home mommies like me, take comfort in the fact that yes, WE ARE MAKING A DIFFERENCE (even if we can’t always see the immediate fruits of it. Your children - and the world - will thank you later!).

I encourage you all to find and focus on your mission (and you DO have one!). The question is where and how? Maybe you’re like me and your mission is local (or even online!). Or, maybe your mission is more globally expanded. Wherever your passion is, pursue it and live it!! Be, do, and serve in the way God created you to - and everywhere you go!! You’re the ONLY one that can do the unique job that God assigned to you!!

Grace and peace to all of you!! Have a blessed week!!

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