Monday, February 23, 2009

Be Aglow

A while back, Scott Kaehr gave the message at church. Since I didn’t blog about it as quickly as I usually do, I will probably miss a lot of details. As always, though, you can listen to the church sermons online at

Scott talked about how God provides for us; just like He provided the manna for the children of Israel. Each day, they gathered their daily bread. They were only supposed to take what was needed for that day. If they took more than that, it would spoil. The whole thing was an issue of trust more than anything. Would they trust God to provide that same manna the next day, or would they hoard more than they should for fear they wouldn’t have enough? If one truly knows the unfailing nature of God, they know the answer to that question. God loves His children and He provides for them.

So, do we have that same trust when it comes to our personal calling? Do we have a passion for it; real and righteous passion like the kind of passionate pursuit that God has for His people? What is the mission that rests in the core of your soul? What ignites the fire? Scott said something really neat: “Let Christ set you on fire and people will come and watch you burn.” Amen to that!! Christ IS the light! If He sets you on fire, people are going to notice!!

To burn as brightly as possible, Scott talked about how we need to continue to allow God to work on us. We have to allow Him to prune away the dead branches and chip our old selves away chunk by chunk. One by one, issue by issue, we keep getting refined in the fires that we persevere through. Every small step we take is just a greater step in the bigger picture of things. Then, as we look back on our progress, we see just how far we have come!!

Scott encouraged us to “Be aglow.” If there is anything stopping us from shinning, we need to take it to Jesus. He said we should ask the question: “What keeps me from loving you?” Tough to ask isn’t it? We don’t always want to hear the answer do we? Sometimes, dealing with the answer is more than we think we can handle. But, as Philippians 4:13 assures us, we can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens us!!! NOTHING is impossible!!

In a world that seems darker and colder than ever, I pray that this world will heat up with the fires that should be ablaze in the hearts of God’s people. May we all be aglow; burning brightly and turning up the heat as we radiate His love!! God bless you all, and may His grace and peace be with you!!

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