Friday, July 31, 2009

House of Mirrors

As I have been journeying through “The Lord’s Table” course, I have been learning so much! Not only is their a wealth of wisdom about conquering overeating, but the things you learn can easily be applied to your whole life! The course truly is about a change of heart, and not just change of eating habits. Naturally, a change in heart is going to transcend into other areas of your life (if you let it) and help you with more than just the subject at hand (at least it has for me).

After reading today’s lesson about living in freedom, I wrote down something that I felt I should share. May God bless you with repentance, deliverance, and freedom as He transforms You from glory to glory! Amen!!

Our addictions really are a house of mirrors. We are only looking at ourselves and deceiving ourselves because they are centered ONLY on ourselves. We think we see what we want, or what’s real, but you don’t know what’s what. It’s all tricks and illusions. All these mirrors are Satan’s. When we are only looking at our own reflection, we can’t see Christ reflected in us. We see Him only when that mirror is broken. We see the ugly shards of glass for what they are and they pierce us with pain. As the glass is removed, we begin to heal. Our reflection isn’t in a mirror, but the cross. Looking at the cross, we see the truth of who we are as well as the truth of who He is. We see the horror of our sins as well as the glory of grace. Broken to beautiful. Freedom isn’t in the “mirror, mirror on the wall” but the beautiful cross on the hill where we bow down and are cleansed by every drop of the Master’s blood. From scarlet to snow (Isaiah 1:18). From darkness to light (2 Samuel 22:29, Job 12:22, Acts 26:18, 1 Thessalonians 5:5, 1 Peter 2:9). Praise God forevermore!

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