Monday, September 28, 2009

Walk for Life Grand Total Raised...

I told everyone that I would update everybody when I got a final total on how much was raised for The Hope Clinc via the Walk for Life. Well, I have that total: $18,633!! :) In 2007, it was over $20,000. However, considering the economy (and what looked to be a smaller group of walkers this year) I'd say that is pretty good!! :)

I was also told that I was once again the top fundraiser (and that is because of all you generous people who gave!!). Thank you all VERY MUCH for supporting The Hope Clinic!! You will make a difference for so many women and babies!!

Also, if you are reading this and wish you would have given, it's never too late! You can always send a contribution to The Hope Clinic via the address provided (or, consider supporting the local Crisis Pregnancy Center in your area). Thanks again and God bless you all!!!

The Hope Clinic
165 W Water St.
, IN 46711


Shane Gilreath said...

Melissa, I think that's an amazing amount of money to raise!! I'm very proud of you and all those who worked to do this. When the cause is right, there's an activist in all of us!

Melissa said...

It sure is, and thanks!! Yeah, and where were YOU in that?! LOL I never did get a Kentucky pledger!! :P