Thursday, December 18, 2008

Thank You Planned Parenthood!

What you are about to see is a shocking undercover video. Of course, we all know that Planned Parenthood is always truthful, compassionate, and always looking out for the well-being of women everywhere so I'm sure this video will be a huge surprise to everyone that holds Planned Parenthood in such high regard. Who would have thought that Planned Parenthood would gladly help to cover up a criminal offense against a 13 year old girl? Wow! I was so surprised - NOT!!!!! Oh, by the way, this happened in my very own home state!! Gee, I'm so proud!! :P Thank you Jill Stanek for blogging about this!! Check out for more updates!!

Additionally, I would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas!! Oh, and don't forget to buy some lovely Planned Parenthood gift certificates for the women closest to you this "holiday" season. They make great stocking stuffers! Nothing says you love them like a gift of death!! Once again, thank you Planned Parenthood for caring so much and please don't cease to distribute your "Choice on Earth" cards !! I haven't heard any mention of them yet this year, but I hope that you aren't backing down from sharing your message of goodwill and peace! I would surely miss my "holiday card" if you neglected to keep sharing your priceless message!

Anyways, we appreciate your efforts to enrich the lives of women everywhere as you inflict more pain on them in an already strenuous time in our nation's history. We thank you, Planned Parenthood, foryour support of FOCA . We hope that Mr. Obama will keep his promise to you and sign the bill straight away so that you can help to spread even more death and destruction in the lives of women everywhere. Thank you for all you do!! We'll continue giving you our tax dollars so you can keep spreadin' the love!! Yes, we know that Washington could do the ethical, responsible, and smart thing by putting our dollars to better use elsewhere (like, oh I don't know, fixing the economy) but we would rather filter our dollars to you so you can keep killing our generation and inflicting physical, emotional, and psychological pain on everyone. We can't get enough of that!! I'm sure your founder, Margaret Sanger, would be so proud!! Thank you for working so hard to get rid of so many "human weeds" (especially the "black" ones …..those are the worst right?).

So, are you thoroughly nauseated yet? If you aren't YOU SHOULD BE!! While we are busy celebrating the hope and life of Jesus Christ, Planned Parenthood is working harder than ever to snuff it out by promoting their death agenda!! So PLEASE check out the links that I have shared in this blog and get involved!! Don't let your loved ones suffer at their hands!! May God help us all!!

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