Tuesday, December 23, 2008

True Christmas Joy!!

Christmas is all about God's gift to His own creation; sending His Son, Jesus Christ, to redeem His children from their sins. Salvation is available to all who choose Him. Today, I am proud to rejoice in the fact that a former lost sheep has been found and has chosen to follow the Good Shepherd!! He officially announced his loyalty to Christ and I am overwhelmed with joy and thanksgiving at the news!! It is certainly cause for rejoicing!! Ashli, from the S.I.C.L.E Cell blog, stated it brilliantly in her blog entry today (which I encourage you to read!).

I never tire of hearing the blessed testimonies of a person's journey to the Lord! It's always a joyous blessing to me!! Matthew 19:26 comes to mind today: "Jesus looked at them and said, "With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible." AMEN!!! It reminds me of Saul's conversion after his encounter with Jesus. When you experience Jesus, you are never the same! Saul/Paul was forever changed!! Likewise with my friend, The Raving Atheist, who is now called The Raving Theist. Praise God for another "Paul" who has seen the light!! The world will look forward to all the ways his testimony will minister to others and win more Sauls to Christ!!

Join with me in giving thanks to God for His love and grace. Thank Him for His sacrifice for your sins and for your redemption!! There is nothing greater to celebrate!! And, if you have a moment, encourage and welcome the reformed RA (now RT) into the family of God!!

Grace and peace to all of you!! Merry Christmas to you all - and happy birthday Jesus!!!


Carla said...

I am rejoicing with you!! I met RT over at ProLife Pulse. I am one of the moderators there and talk a lot(maybe too much)about my abortion story of regret and healing.
Nice to meet you!! :)

Helen said...

Hi Melissa. I saw your comments on RA/RT's blog. I was directed there by Happy Catholic. I left comments on his post on the 22, but not his latest post. There are a lot of negative comments coming at him, so he is going to need encouragement. I noticed that some vile comments were directed at you, and I wanted you to know that I for one appreciate the support you offered RT, and the your gentle answers to the attacker / commentor.
I, too, posted about RT. I hope his conversion is for real, and not a joke on us. I am praying for him.
Merry Christmas.

Melissa said...

Yep, it's for real.....and Satan is trembling in fear because another soul has come to Christ and is now a HUGE THREAT to his dark kingdom. :) Isn't it great?!!! :)