Sunday, March 22, 2009


That’s right! I finally met Mike Huckabee!! This die-hard Huckagirl finally got to meet the man who should have been the Republican nominee for president (and in the white house right now cleaning up the mess that Obama is continuing to make worse!). Here are the details!!

Getting There; Getting Lost; Getting Surprised

After finding out through a HuckPac e-mail that Mike Huckabee was going to be in Elkhart to tape a special edition of his show, Mitch and I knew we had to be there!! It was the chance we had been waiting for! Even though Papaw and Mamaw weren’t available to watch the kids, we decided we would go anyways and take them with us (and PRAY that they would behave - especially Gianna!). So, at 8:00 a.m. on Saturday, we piled into the van and headed to Elkhart! We got as far as Goshen when I realized that the Google directions were wrong - AGAIN (this always seems to happen! What is up with Google?!! We need a GPS!)!!! Good thing I have an Indiana map and was able to navigate ourselves the rest of the way! Though that still didn’t help us find the RV/Motor Home Hall of Fame once we got there! We had to stop at a 7/11 to get some help after driving around aimlessly for a while (good thing I included the “lost” factor with our travel time! LOL). A customer inside was gracious enough to give us directions and let us follow him towards the direction we needed to go!

The parking lot was set to open at 12:30 and the taping was to be at 2:30. I hoped that getting there at 11:30 was early enough!! Thankfully, it was!! Even despite waiting in the wrong area, they still let us in!!! So, we stood around outside (yeah, didn’t know it would be outside!) for a couple hours. Needless to say, the kids didn’t handle it too well - primarily diva Gianna! For some of the time, Mitch graciously volunteered to take them back to the van to watch movies on the DVD player. So, I got to stand outside the whole time and make new friends in the crowd; one of which was a myspace friend of mine whom I recognized as we were waiting around!! What a nice surprise! So, I got to meet Pam for the first time, as well as some friends of hers and so many others (including my county coordinator for HuckPac).

The Show

It was so exciting to see Mike Huckabee and be one of the many attending the taping of his show!! As always, he was witty as well as light-hearted. One of the lighter moments was when he asked for the two ladies who had been waiting since 6 or so in the morning to get in. He had promised them seating and wouldn’t you know it, they had front row seats!! He said that’s why no one wanted him in politics because he actually keeps his promises! Huck yeah! Gee, wouldn’t that be great right now?!! Poor America! Look what you’re missing! You passed over true treasure and voted for fool’s gold! That was smart!

In addition to Huckabee’s honesty, reliability, and friendly persona, he actually has common sense and knows how to talk facts (get a clue mainstream media!). He understands what this economy crisis is all about. He emphasized the fact that even though Elkhart has the highest unemployment rate around, they have what it takes to rebound and reinvent themselves!! Barack Obama may have visited Elkhart and pretended to care, but Mike Huckabee actually does! He highlighted the true spirit of Elkhart, and this nation. He allowed the residents of Elkhart to speak loud and proud. He also talked to local government and businessmen about stimulating real growth; and not through Obama’s ridiculous “stimulus” bill which gave precious little to the hardest hit town in the nation (how’s that for caring? If you’re going to throw OUR money around, why don’t you make good use out of it?? Put our money where your mouth is Obama!). Everyone talked about what they were doing to make Elkhart better and the overall tone was very positive and encouraging. Elkhart will rebound, and so will this country; but not from the efforts of “Uncle Sugar” (which is the term Mike Huckabee used to reference the federal government) but by US banding together and doing what WE can to make OUR lives better!! It’s “We the people” who are making the difference; not “they” the government.

Rockin’ Out After the Show

The show was great! I only wish that I could find it in its entirety online so I could see how it turned out (we don’t have cable or anything and I don’t know anyone who taped it). They got camera shots of everyone, so we were more than likely on TV. ;) I did find a few clips. In the first one, Huckabee is talking about his visit to Elkhart (and I was standing a few feet in front of him as he was doing that segment!). You can even hear my daughter’s voice in the background. She was getting tired and irritated and was saying “no” while impatiently waiting around. If you listen closely, you might be able to hear her at the part where the gal who’s talking to Huckabee is talking about how Elkhart “happened to be the town” where Obama talked about his economic stimulus plan not too long ago. The other video clip I found is one of Mike Huckabee rockin’ out with the “Little Elkharts” (comparable to Huckabee’s “Little Rockers” lol). I also uploaded a clip to YouTube of Mike Huckabee and the band doing a sound check before playing their songs. After they played, I screamed “I LIKE MIKE! WOOOHOO!!” and he smiled graciously as we all applauded and cheered!!

The High Point of the Day

Finally, the high point of the day came!! Several people were approaching Mike Huckabee after he had finished all the taping for the day. He was getting pictures taken with people and signing autographs. He was just about ready to call it a day and go inside to the Hall of Fame Museum when a lady I had been chattin’ it up with told me to be assertive and push through and get my turn. I told her I never have problems being assertive; just with being rude. ;) I didn’t want to pretend like I was more important than everyone else who was wanting the same opportunity. But, as he said good-bye at the last second, I impulsively called out “Mr. Huckabee,…Mr. Huckabee, PLEASE!! I came all the way from Bluffton!” as I ventured forward towards him. He immediately turned around and came right on back and said, “sure!” and Mitch took a picture of he and I as he asked how far the drive from Bluffton was. The rest is a blur because I was awe-struck and excited. I remember telling him that I had campaigned hard for him during his presidential run and that I cried so much when he dropped out lol. I can’t remember what all else I said (and in my flustered state, forgot to ask him for an autograph) but I was all smiles and everyone around me was smiling and taking pictures (including Pam!). Then, I gave Mike Hucakbee a big hug as I noticed the state troopers behind him. It was then that I was hoping that I didn’t somehow cross a line by giving him a hug lol. I just don’t think about those things - I’m a huggy person and I had just met a guy that I had always hoped to meet, greet, and thank!! Ha ha! Anyways, it was no problem! Mike Huckabee was all smiles! Everyone was warm, friendly, and in good spirits. That’s the kind of atmosphere Mike Huckabee always brings with him (we even caught him saying “ya’ll” LOL). He’s just as fun, friendly, and personable off camera as he is on!! People are priority to him - truly!! He’s the nicest guy you’d ever meet and he has a real heart for others!! He even bent down and said hi to Casey when I attempted to bring him forward to say hi. I told Casey to say, “I like Mike Huckabee” and he did! It was so cute!!

The Huckabee Afterglow

After finally meeting Mike Huckabee, I was just bouncing with boundless energy as the new friends I had encountered smiled, hugged, and congratulated me and said their good-byes. It was such a good day of fellowship, friends, and fun!! I was so excited to share it all with everyone! If I had had a way of blogging right that second, I would have LOL!! Instead, I called my parents and left messages on their machines. Later, when I came home and checked my machine, Mom was on there saying she couldn’t understand me because I was talking too fast (yes, Saundra, one of my “90 mph phone calls - or maybe even faster than that! LOL Don’t know, didn’t have a radar gun!).

It has been a long day so far, but we were still in the mood for some fun!! We had seen a Penguin Point restaurant and Mitch and I agreed that we had to eat there since we no longer had them in our area anymore. Oh, the nostalgia!!! However, on our way to finding it once again, we took a different route and missed it. We saw the sign to South Bend and thought, “why not, we’ve never been there! Let’s check it out while we’re up this way - just for good times!” So, we drove through South Bend and then through Mishawaka. We didn’t find anything neat, but we drove around in suburbia for a while before giving up, getting back on the highway, and driving back to Elkhart to find Penguin Point!

We finally made it to the restaurant and got something to eat. We were so hungry! I even got the classic “wedges and cheese” - something my Grandma always got when she and I were traveling about together when I was younger and we still had that place in our area (I took a picture of it for her lol). We also met some sweet ladies there who were from nearby Goshen. We just met all sorts of cool people that day! Indiana is the place for friendly folks and good times (so there Amy!! LOL).

Of course, what would all that celebration be without the kids finally getting some time to unwind. So, we had to go to the McDonald’s they saw that had a big Play Place. We went in, got them some ice cream, drank some coffee, and let them play a while. The silliness continued as they scampered around and Mitch and I took goofy pictures with the statue of Ronald McDonald sitting on the bench lol. The kids had their turn too; after Casey stopped crying and found his way out of the little rocket looking thing in the play area (the rocket moved and wobbled when you went inside, and it freaked him out!). We applauded him for being a big boy and making his way out; despite his pleas that we come get him. We nearly did, but knew that he was strong enough to conquer his little fear and be proud of himself for doing so! It’s just one of the moments where you know you have to let your child grow up a little bit and allow him to gain some confidence and assurance in knowing that he has what it takes to conquer a fear (ok, the “Wild At Heart” book that I just read rubbed off on me quite a bit! LOL). It was nice to see the look of surprise on his face as he overcame his fear and climbed out of the rocket unassisted. Then, he scurried through the tube, down the slide, and with a few tears still wet on his face, told us how he didn’t like that rocket! LOL

That’s All Folks!

Well, that pretty much it!! It was a grand adventure! We had a great time in Elkhart, and we are hoping and praying for their economic recovery (as well as the rest of this nation and all those that are hurting right now). I hope you like the links and videos. Feel free to check out my pictures from the day as well (I’ve also included pictures from Casey’s Chuck E. Cheese party on Friday - and I have this video clip from the party too!). Take notice of the t-shirts we were wearing (and be sure to get one for yourself to wear during pro-life t-shirt day/week!). I got a lot of feedback on that shirt already!! People are asking questions and how they can be involved!! Praise God! Awesome!!!

Grace and peace to all of you!! Remember, God is in control and better times are on the horizon!! Let’s stick close to each other and close to God!! “Uncle Sugar” isn’t the savior, but JESUS IS!!! Seek and find the answers in HIM!! God bless you all!!


Carla said...

So awesome!! I like Mike too!! Your children are adorable!!

Melissa said...

Thanks sweetie! :) Yeah, hoping and praying that America will realize their mistake in electing Obama and will vote with some common sense next time!! MIKE HUCKABEE 2012!!!!!!!!!! :)