Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Mute Piano

I’m feeling inspired today; inspired because someone (without even knowing it) inspired me first:

After having lunch with two dear friends today, I decided to browse the mall for a while. Nothing was out of the ordinary, that is, until I heard something while in one of the stores. It was the sound of a piano playing. It’s a piano that just sits there in the mall with a sign on it saying that the “player piano” was a “gift” to the mall and not to touch or play it. Yet, I don’t remember a single occasion in which I have ever heard that piano make a sound (other than when rambunctious kids go up and occasionally pound on it impulsively). So, I was surprised and moved by what I heard. It sounded so beautiful!! At the time, I was in “The Icing” (it’s a girly accessories store for those that don’t know lol). I hadn’t found anything that I liked and was rather bored. So, the sound of that music captured my attention and greatly refreshed me. I smiled and put down the little shopping basket that the salesperson practically pushed on me for my “convenience.” I walked out of the store and stood there alongside a few other people who were watching and listening intently to the man who dared to sit down and play the untouchable piano that was so graciously gifted to the mall. He seamlessly played one piece of music after another; all by memory. He seemed to be right at home; as if this was something he always did. It was a blessed moment and it stirred my heart!!

I didn’t want to stand around staring, so I started to walk. As I did, I saw people on the mall benches gazing his way. They were smiling and they looked peaceful and content. In fact, the whole mood of that corner of the mall seemed noticeably different. I observed the distinct difference between his music and the music of the store I just entered (whose music was faced paced and blaring). It was a sharp contrast from the environment I had just exited. Their “music” drowned out the blissful melodies of the piano. I don’t think anyone in the store even knew what was going on just outside their entrance. It was just “business” as usual in there and the impact of that exquisite music hadn’t reached them. Man, were they missing out!!!

I left the store to see if I could still see and feel the difference; and I could! People were still listening and watching. I even think I heard someone singing! By that time, however, I was walking towards the mall exit to get to the parking lot (my feet were killing me and I was aching to get home!). I only wish I could have stayed longer!

I don’t know who that guy was, but he gave his audience a beautiful gift. He boldly defied that ridiculous sign and shared his talent with the world - on a piano that was meant to be played! I don’t know if he’s a believer, but he certainly was salt and light (Matthew 5:13). He illuminated that mall with his gift, and people were clearly enjoying it and thirsting for more. In the midst of the hustle and bustle, he created a sense of peace and joy. People stopped, paused, and listened. He shared his gift with them; even though he was “forbidden” to do so by the sign on that piano. He seen the piano, knew what it was for, and was bold enough to use his talent to make it come alive and be the delight it was made to be! If that piano is truly a “gift” to the mall, then it should be used for the purpose it was created for! Sitting there just to be admired and looked at, but never used, is an abomination! What a tragic disgrace to have a beautiful “gift” sit there without serving its purpose!! It made me think of the servant that buried his talent in the ground (Matthew 25:18). A gift that is given is meant to be used to profit the Kingdom; and we ALL have gifts (1 Corinthians 12).

His gift inspired me to use mine. That’s the beauty of God-given gifts; they have a multiplication factor!! He was blessed with a gift, used it to bless me (and others), and now I am passing it on further. Hopefully, this story will stir you as much as it stirred me to experience it. Ponder these questions: What is your gift? Are you using it to be salt and light to the world; and to bring glory to God’s Kingdom? Or, are you only bringing glory to yourself? Or, maybe you aren’t using your gifts at all (or haven’t bothered to discover them). Why? Are you fearful like that servant? Are you burying what you have, or are you just simply afraid to dig up what’s never been discovered in your heart? Is the world using a “sign” to shut you up and stifle you? What’s preventing you from using your talents to “make music” to someone’s soul? There are lots of people in “noisy stores.” They need to be enjoying the real music instead of the tasteless kind that they are currently “enjoying” in their world. Will you take your music to them? Who on this Earth will be singing in heaven because of what you brought to the world?

You were created with purpose!! You were meant to leave an impact on this world!! You were never created just to take up space. Just as a piano was created to be played, YOU were created to make some noise as well!! Will you? Are people going to pause to watch, hear, and enjoy what you have to offer the world? Don’t be a mute piano! Make the beautiful sounds you were created to make!! Grace and peace to all of you as you pursue your “melody.” ;) God bless you!!


Carla said...

How strange to have a piano sitting out and a sign that says not to play it?? So glad this man did not heed and brought much joy to so many hearts!!

Melissa said...

Yeah no kidding! It's supposed to be a player piano....but I have NEVER seen it playing by itself (or seen anyone else play it) until that day. :) It was such a blessing!