Thursday, February 25, 2010

I'm In A Charity Pageant And Need Your Support! :)

When I say the word “pageant”, what comes to your mind? I’ll bet they’re the same things that come to my mind as well: gorgeous girls, swimsuits, crowns, and of course “world peace.”

I don’t know if most people have a favorable opinion of pageants. Personally, I’ve never fancied them much. I’ve done a couple fashion shows, but they were non-competitive and all you had to do was model clothing. They were just for fun, and I was perfectly content with doing things like that (you might remember The Salvation Army Fashion Show that I was in, back in September).

However, the opportunity has come up for me to be in a pageant. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to get involved, but this isn’t your standard beauty pageant. This pageant is the Salvation Army’s “Queen of Charities” pageant. The focus isn’t about outer beauty but rather, inner beauty (and there are NO SWIMSUITS! Hallelujah!). ;) The pageant focuses on the contestants’ poise and charitable works; and all the money raised benefits The Salvation Army.

Now THAT is a pageant I can get into! Not only will I get to fellowship with other women, but I will be advocating/representing my favorite charities (as well as raising money for one!). The added bonus is getting to dress up and be girly! How can I say “no” to all of that?!!

The only thing left to do now is wait for the big event; which is on April 18th (I will let you know when you can get tickets!). The only other thing I can do in the meantime is ask for support and sponsors. Even though this is an optional part of the experience, why would you want to be involved in a charity pageant and not raise money for charity? Therefore, I am hoping that my loving family and friends (and their businesses) will be eager to support this charity by sponsoring an ad in the program. If you’re a business, this would be a GREAT opportunity for you to advertise your company’s ad and information in the program (and support a great cause at the same time!). And, if you’re one of my awesome friends or family members, you can just send your amount along with a “best wishes” message for me that will be printed in the program! Oh, that would make me feel SO LOVED! ;)

Additionally, there is one more way I can raise money. I can have a “kettle” displayed at someone’s business. All I need is for a business to volunteer to promote it (and have written consent from you to do so). I will decorate and bring my kettle to you so that you can display it at your cash register (or wherever) and people can drop their spare change into it. I must have my kettle turned in by April 10th; so the longer it can be displayed, the better! Once again, all the money will go to The Salvation Army (and your business will look REALLY good to your customers as you show your charitable spirit of support!). The kettle money will also count as “votes” for an “audience choice award” at the pageant. The one with the most sponsors will be awarded as well. While I am not concerned about “winning” these awards, I am VERY concerned about trying to do whatever I can to encourage others to give generously for the cause (especially in an economy like this where organizations are getting less and less donations). This is not about “me”; it truly isn’t. Whatever “glory” I gain, I will give back to Him; because it’s not mine. This is about Christ and helping His people. My greatest award and achievement will be whatever hearts I can win to Christ through this (that’s always my goal!). I am already “titled” and “crowned” as a child of God. Nothing can top that!! I am an ambassador for Christ and a co-heir with Him. I’m already a “queen”, and winning or not winning a pageant won’t change that (2 Corinthians 5:20, Romans 8:17).

Below, you will find the information form. You can either give your information and check (payable to THE SALVATION ARMY) to me, or mail it to them directly (specifying that it is me that you are sponsoring). If you have any questions, let me know!! Remember, all of this is for CHARITY (and tax deductible)! All of the money helps feed and clothe people in the community and sees to it that children don’t wake up to an empty sight underneath the Christmas tree this year. My friend, Jama, is the coordinator of this event. She has told us all so many stories of how countless families have been blessed because of the kind hearts of people, like you, who give so generously. I can also say that personally, The Salvation Army helped a VERY dear friend of mine have a beautiful and special Christmas last year. That tearful and heartfelt moment full of happy children, a full refrigerator, and a stress free holiday couldn’t have been possible without the generosity of caring strangers; who displayed their faith by helping others. You have NO IDEA what a difference you will make in someone’s life; and it might just be someone you know!!

My hope is that God would be glorified and that His light would shine in me as I participate in this! I know that money is tight for so many people, but I’m hoping that there would be an outpouring of support anyways! I know I have a lot of GREAT friends, so I’m expecting GREAT things! ;)

God bless you all, and thank you for supporting me!! Make sure that you give me (or mail) your contribution before the deadline of MARCH 15th!!! Thank you so VERY much!! ;)


Business Name:
Contact Person:
State: Zip:

Ad Size (circle)

Platinum ($500) Gold ($250) Silver ($100) Bronze ($50)
Friends and Family ($25)

Amount Paid:

Signature of Purchaser:____________________

Your advertisement will appear in the Miss Queen of Charities 2010 Pageant Event Program on April 18, 2010. In order to ensure proper placement, we request that you respond no later than March 15, 2010.
Please include this form and make checks payable to:

The Salvation Army
2901 N Clinton
Fort Wayne, IN 46805


Shane Gilreath said...

IDK how much, or even if I can right now, but I'll *try* to send the Salvation Army something in the next week or so. Should we also send our ad design? Or how is that listed?

BTW, you've been working so hard, I thought you'd relish the thought of parading on-stage in a swimsuit! It's actually my sister, Shelley's favorite part. Seriously!

Melissa said...

That's fine, Shane. You don't have to. Though, I figured you would be the first (if any) to sponsor since you are such a fan of pageants! ;) And, I was just kidding about being "golden". Silver, bronze, etc. would be just as acceptable! It's not an "Olympic" pageant. LOL!!

Oh my gosh! Seriously, Shane?!! Well, your sister's body is very different than mine! This one wasn't made for swimsuits; especially after having two children! LOL! I may have been working hard, but I am still in the 190's and no one would want to see this! LOL