Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Ten! :)

It’s always fun when you can surprise yourself. This past weigh-in was definitely a surprise! I didn’t expect to really lose much (and even feared a gain). I had had at least one day where I really went over my calories (and that was Saturday) and I figured that would really sabotage my weigh-in on Monday. However, I was careful on Sunday and made sure not to eat or drink a whole bunch before the weigh-in on Monday. So, my scale (and theirs) showed a one pound loss!! Praise God for that! That means that since starting Fit Life five weeks ago, I have lost 10.2 pounds (weight loss percentage: 4.93%)!! ;) I’m 196.8! All glory to God!

It seems like our team, and pretty much everyone, is doing well! Regardless of who’s your teammate or not, everyone is always happy for each other’s losses (at least I am!). Being able to encourage each other and celebrate our successes together is such a blessing!

Working out together is great too! Monday is the only day where I am not a “loner” and working out at home. I always look forward to working out with my teammate, Monica, and seeing my other blue shirt brethren (as well as everyone involved in Fit Life). It’s always a joy to see Joy (and God only knows how much I love that gal; and I appreciate her heart so much!!). I also love seeing Jenni because she is always fun, positive, and motivated (even if she’s killin’ us with some wicked exercises that should not be attempted that many times by a human body!). Yeah, Blake wasn’t there, so we got our strength training done in Jenni’s class (on the ball). Monica and I looked at each other and we were like, “I miss Blake!” LOL. Who would have ever thought that we would prefer the torture of P90X more than Jenni’s version of torturous pain?! She said we would probably be sore, but seriously, I am not feeling it to any sort of degree like I did with Blake’s exercises (even though we were all suffering greatly on those balls!). While I am grateful that I am able to walk (unlike last week lol) I kind of missed the insane pain, in a way. After you feel better 3-4 days later, you do feel like you’re stronger lol.

I am eager to see what my next weigh-in will be. Next time should be even better because now, I am past my “time of month” PLUS I have my P90 program now!! I have been using it since I got it about the end of last week. Granted, I’ve only done the beginning/introductory type phase so far, but I’m wondering if I should have just gone for P90X. I guess I will see once I do the tougher phases. ;) I like that the time goes fast and that it burns a decent amount of calories, but I sort of get bored with how much repetition there is. However, I needed to change up my exercises so I will keep with it. Maybe it will be better when I try the other workouts. At least it’s nice to have more exercises to choose from rather than JUST Turbo Jam (though, I am missing Turbo Jam!). What I will like even MORE is when the weather warms up and I can run on the Greenway again!! Sooooo looking forward to that!!

Well, that’s the update for this week!! Thanks for reading and thank you all for your support!! And in celebration of the "Big Ten" lost, watch this hilarious video of a Japanese guy trying to speak English! It came to mind because there is a part where this guy says ten a bunch of times lol. I've heard that the Japanese have some very strange game shows; and this is no exception! Mitch and I laugh so hard every time we watch it!! So, here's to hoping that I will lose "ten, ten, ten, ten...." more pounds!! LOL


Shane Gilreath said...

It's upward bound for you, kid! I'm happy to see that everything in your life seems to really be working out for you...and I hate the repetition of workouts too, which is strange because I usually apprecaite familiarity in everything else.

Melissa said...

LOL! You called me "kid". Ha ha! We aren't THAT far apart in age, Shane. ;)

Yeah, that is rather strange! You definitely like familiarity! Then again, who doesn't like variety?