Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Hoping for "Extreme" Progress!

I have remarked before that I workout consistently (more often than not) but struggle with my nutrition. This past week, however, it seemed to be the opposite situation (werid, huh?!). I actually did pretty well with my nutrition! I feel I ate well, and there was only one day where I didn't track my calories (yeah, that would be Sunday at the baby shower where there was food and....um...cake!). All the other days, I stayed within range....or a few calories over a couple times. I still worked out, but I didn't burn as much as I typically do (and I took Monday off because I had an exhausting weekend). I was kind of relaxed. Perhaps it was because I knew I was going to start ChaLean Extreme and that this would be my last opportunity to take it easy. ;) 

Anyways, I am at 196.2 pounds (which is a loss of .8). So, I almost lost a full pound. Not bad for a "low key" kind of week. I am hoping that now that I'm doing ChaLean Extreme, I will start seeing a lot of positive changes on the scale (and on my body). :) 

Since I'm on the topic of ChaLean Extreme, I will say that I am GLAD that I exchanged my P90 for it! I should have gotten it in the first place (which was my first instinct). Yeah, I guess you really should follow your gut (especially if you want to lose it lol). I am hoping I will finally tone up and build muscle and truly burn off this fat! Gosh, I am BEYOND tired of all this fat! And, after doing Chalene's workouts a couple times already, I feel like maybe this will truly be what gives me the boost (and results) that I need. It's intense, but the time goes fast and I almost enjoy it (yeah, I don't know if I will ever truly "enjoy" strength training!). Chalene does make strength training doable. Everything about her and how she does things makes workouts more fun! Yeah, I say that NOW...but once I get the heavier weights that I should be lifting, I might not say that (gosh, I nearly cried today just doing it with the weights that I DO have lol!). But, I know that on most of the exercises, I wasn't "failing" on my last reps and therefore, am not lifting enough. So, I guess it's nice to know that I'm stronger than I thought. ;) 

I look forward to getting through my first week of ChaLean Extreme. I only hope that I have enough energy to go around! In addition to a new workout, I got a garage sale to get ready for and a daughter with an ear infection to keep dealing with (oh my gosh, to say she is difficult to give medicine to is an understatement!). Needless to say, I have been (and am) exhausted! Motherhood has its varying degrees of difficulty. I always dread when Gianna gets sick. I would much rather give medicine to Casey because he has no problem swallowing a teaspoon full of anything....but her?!! Oh my gosh, you would think I was giving her a super-sized glass of  seaweed juice or something the way she carries on! It's just a teaspoon.....A TEASPOON! Yet, she cries and screams and fights it so much! Oh, the delights of a twice daily antibiotic (and that's not including the Motrin for pain!). Though, the ear finally appears to be draining so I guess that she IS getting better! However, we still have many more delightful days of medication disbursement left! You know, I didn't think there was much I hated more than strength training, but if you gave me a choice between that and giving my daughter medicine,.....um.........yeah! Strength training is bliss compared to the emotional and mental torture of giving Gianna medicine! My dread for that is far more intense than my dread for strength training (no joke, people! You have no idea!). 

Well, here's to hoping that I survive the week and that progress is on its way!! God bless you all and thanks for your prayers and support (I need it so much!). 


Shane Gilreath said...

Here's hoping you get your extreme progress!! And I laughed at the medicine talk, because I have a sister who's exactly that way. Someone's had to hold her to get it down her in the past. I remember being that way when I was a kid,too.

Melissa said...

Thanks, Shane!

Did you see the video I posted on FB of us giving her the medicine? And actually, that was a MILD tantrum compared to what her worsts are! Tonight was HORROR!! Mitch had to hold her arms and legs while I pried her mouth open and tried to pour it in (she's spitting and sputtering and she must have bit her lip or something because she was bleeding a tad). ARGH!! I would rather do strength training!!!!!