Friday, November 9, 2007

Going Green Has Me Seeing RED!!

I don’t know about all of you, but I am soooooooo tired of all the “green” talk lately. It especially been thrown into our faces this week on television - namely NBC’S “green week.” Ohhhhhhh, it just makes me SO SICK!! So, that’s ONE WAY of making me green!! LOL In all actuality, the only thing greener than my queasy face is the money trail supporting this agenda!! :p

Don’t get me wrong. I am all for conservation; or, more simply put, common sense. I think we should recycle and try to reduce our waste. I think we should all do our part to reduce the amount of energy we consume and just try to play it smart and not be so wasteful. However, I don’t think it warrants an all out “save the earth” campaign as if “mother Earth” were somehow a bigger priority than life itself. First of all, it’s not even “mother Earth” at all, it’s GOD’S Earth; the Earth HE created. Yes, we should be good stewards of the place He created for us to live on, but when that becomes more important that so many other things in this world, we’ve got a real problem.

I guess my biggest complaint is this: when was the last time they had a whole week devoted to something TRULY important? When was the last time they had a “save the babies” campaign? Um…….never!! Nope. You won’t see a “save our children and society from abortion and the evil Planned Parenthood” or “chastity” week on television. That’s “controversial.” Is it now? Would someone tell me WHY protecting and valuing our very LIVES that LIVE on the very planet we are so busy saving is not worth our time? Would someone tell me WHY a TREE is protected MORE than an unborn child? Would someone tell me WHY there are lunatic celebrities crying over a dying whale or dolphin, and yet, no one is crying over the loss of a baby that is dismembered in its own mother’s womb? While we are all out saving the world from the farce of an agenda like global warming, a REAL agenda to exterminate our offspring and population of America is going on right underneath our noses!! AND NOBODY CARES!!!!! MILLIONS OF BABIES HAVE DIED BECAUSE WE ARE OUT SAVING TREES INSTEAD OF CHILDREN!! What good will saving the world do if there are no people left to live in it?

Well, at least we do have a glimmer of hope for change. That change resides within us. We have the power to make a difference and start caring. WE can stand up and say, “YES, WE CARE!” I have no doubt that a revolution is beginning to break out, and it will only get stronger as we march forward into 2008. Next year, as many of you know, the movie “Horton Hears a Who” is coming out in theaters. This movie carries the vital message of “a person’s a person, no matter how small.” I have no doubt that will plant seeds as we get ready for the all-important presidential election.

Speaking of the election, the primaries are getting closer and closer. And, the tension is building!! It’s truly getting exciting!! In the past few days, we have seen and heard some amazing (and even perplexing) news stories come to light. Most of you probably know what I am talking about…….ahem, the shocking and disgusting endorsement of Rudy Giuliani by Pat Robertson (WHICH IS INSANE!!!). But, I don’t think I’ll rant about him. I would rather talk about the REAL news which is the fact that Donald E. Wildmon, of the American Family Association, has endorsed (you guessed it!!) MIKE HUCKABEE!!!!!!! Talk about a much needed boost!! And, combine that with the endorsement of Chuck Norris and the “almost” endorsement from Rick Warren, and you have got what I would like to call “the liberals worst nightmare.” That’s because now, the “evangelicals” that they so wish would drop off the face of the Earth, are going to become aware of who the best choice for the Republican nominee is and support him all the way. I’ll bet they are just wringing their hands in fear and wondering how in the world they can possibly keep the “evangelicals” from being informed about this man of character and principle. It would TOTALLY ruin their plans if Huckabee were to be our next president. That would mean that baby killing would soon come to an end, our freedoms and our faith wouldn’t be jeopardized, and the world would be a much better place with a godly man like Mike Huckabee as our leader. So, if you’re thinking, “Well, what’s so bad about that? Isn’t that what we want; to be safe and protect ourselves and our children? Why wouldn’t the liberals want this world to be a better place.” Well, my friends, I have those very same thoughts and to be honest, I cannot answer those questions. There’s no way I will understand the twisted mind of the liberal agenda that wants to strip us of everything we hold dear.

There is also speculation that Dr. Dobson is going to endorse Mike Huckabee; but those rumors have been recently denied. However, it has made for some good discussion and suspense in the blogging world!! So, let’s hope that Dr. Dobson will, in fact, endorse Mike Huckabee. People heed the words of Dr. Dobson, and his endorsement will be a steak in the heart for the liberal vampires! LOL Mike Huckabee would then skyrocket into the spotlight and quickly become the man to beat!!

So, if you haven’t already, spread the word about Mike!! Check out his website, and if you are a myspacer, add him to your friends list and make him a top friend!!! Also, check out my links on this page!

Let’s keep fighting the good fight!! Don’t worry about going “green.” Rather, go “red!” Get mad!! Get passionate!! Stand up and fight for what’s right!! Don’t be pushed around!! Let’s fight for faith and morality in America!! Stand with me as I stand for Mike Huckabee. He’s our only hope!! God bless you and may God bless America!!


Anonymous said...

Melissa, I totally agree about what you are saying. I'm sick and tired of the go green week it makes me sick. Anyway i liked what you wrote and we will do our best to spread the word about our man Mike Huckabee. Love you Mitchie Bear.

Carleen said...

That's my girl !! Nat and I both enjoyed the blog! I do hope Dr. Dobson will support Mike as well. Glad to hear the AFA is doing so! We just have to pray for God's will to be done.
Love you Missa K.

Mom & Nat

Carleen said...

I hope this isn't a duplicate comment. I don't think my first one went. ha..
Anyway.......That's my girl!
I hope Dr. D supports Mike as well. I was also shocked at Pat Robertson! What a disappointment.
Thank the Lord for AFA though.
Just keep praying for a Godly leader.
Love ya Missa K.

Melissa said...

For clarification, I thought it important to reaffirm that Donald E. Wildmon was the one to endorse Mike Huckabee, not the AFA organization. Organizations like that can't publicly endorse a candidate. Mr. Wildmon did so as a private citizen, and not through the AFA.