Friday, November 2, 2007

Jackie's Story

Dear Friends,

In case you all didn’t know, it’s once again that time of the month. No, no, no!! Not THAT time of the month!! LOL I’m talking about the time of the month for the call for life!! Yep, that’s right!! It’s time to e-mail and/or call the president, governor, senators, and congressmen, and (if you got the guts!!) and abortion clinic. I will be calling the clinic momentarily, but first, I wanted to post this blog and remind all of you to do your part today!!

In an effort to help all of you understand what we are all fighting for, and just how precious life is, I would like to share with you a story from a friend of mine who is bold and brave enough to open her heart to the world. She sent me her testimony for me to post, and I would like you to read this. Here it is in her own words. Read and be blessed!! Have a great day and don’t forget to participate today!!!!! God bless you all!!

Jackie’s Story

I was 18 years old in and a Sr. in High School when I first thought I might be pregnant. I asked the father to take me to Planned Parenthood because I heard they would do free tests for people that didn't have jobs and no money. I was led into a makeshift room where I laid on an examining table with a woman that coldly told me to put my feet into stirrups. I had never had a pap smear….I was terrified and shaking. I now know that she wasn't gentle in her examination I don't think she was human anymore.

The father and I were in the waiting room when I was called into another woman’s office alone. It was there that I found out I was pregnant and that I was 4 weeks along. I hear that and my heart sings.... a baby!! Then she tells me that she will schedule me an appointment with the doctor and can I pay $5 now? I was confused so I asked her if I could find my own doctor and she said oh sure but the procedure is paid for if you use ours. Procedure? What procedure?? She looked at me point blank and said "To terminate" I said "oh no.. .I’m not having an abortion I want my baby." Then the scare tactics came into play. She told me that the statistics showed that if I chose to have it (yes she said IT) that I would make less money and be at poverty income level. That I would be in the system and need assistance. That I wouldn't go to college that the child would probably not graduate High School because most low income children drop out. She also told me that I would be a single parent that the father wouldn't stick around. I kept telling her that I didn't want an abortion I kept telling her that I was a Christian and didn’t believe in it.. she was relentless. Every time I would say something she would have a rebuttal. She kept acting like she was disappointed in me... and there was a strong STRONG insinuation that I was doing wrong to the baby by letting it be born.. She told me it was child abuse to bring a child into the world in those circumstances.

I don't know how and why but I finally asked her why was she forcing me to kill my baby?

That shut her up. I seriously left that building within minutes of asking that.

I told the father I was pregnant and he told me he wanted me to have an abortion. I wouldn't and told him that me and my baby didn't need him or anyone so yeah he left and I was a single parent. I dropped out of high school. I didn't go to college. I was on assistance for awhile and Ive struggled to make ends meet for the past 17 years. BUT.... My daughters name is Jackie and this is HER story! She is almost 16 years old. She’s an honor student and a sophomore in High School.. She is so smart and she is so talented and she loves Jesus so much. She sings like an angel and glorifies Christ with her music. She is my daughter and my dearest friend in the whole wide world. I don't care how hard it has been ..every minute of every day has been worth it and how absolutely blessed I have been to have her in my life.

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