Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Tis The Day Before Thanksgiving

It’s the day before Thanksgiving and there is so much to do! So, this is going to be pretty short and sweet. All I want to do is catch up on a few things that I haven’t had time to blog about.

First off, I wanted to remind everyone about the movie “Bella.” I mentioned it some time ago. It’s a pro-life movie; a movie Hollywood doesn’t want you to know about. In fact, it took some time to even get it out in as many theaters that it’s in right now. But, despite the fact that it’s in limited release, Yahoo shows it as the 13th top grossing movie of the weekend! I made sure that I was one of the ones to support it - so that they will release it in more theaters. Tabitha and I went to see it on Sunday. We really enjoyed it. It was beautiful!! Everyone applauded as the movie ended. It was a piece of work!! So, PLEASE go out and support a movie that is worth watching!! Send Hollywood a message people!! If we want quality and meaningful movies to keep being made, we got to support them!! Drive up the market for morality!! Money talks, and if Hollywood sees that people truly do care about watching clean and good entertainment, we will see more of that and less of the smut that is out there!!

Moving on…….

Another thing I wanted to be sure to make everyone aware of was the growing Huckabee momentum!! I have some really great stuff to share with you!! One being that he has gotten more endorsements! Ric Flair has just officially endorsed Mike Huckabee! (For more information on that, you can read about it at the link provided). And, whether you are a wrestling fan or not (and I’m not! LOL) you can certainly appreciate the boost that this will give to our man Mike!! All I got to say is, “wooooooo!!” ;) LOL

And, if you haven’t seen it yet, here is the best political ad you will ever see!! LOL This is an ad with Mike Huckabee and Chuck Norris!! Nice to see a candidate who can be serious, but have a sense of humor as well!! You will love this one!! It’s funny!!

Now, on to a video that will make you cry!! Watch the new video that my best friend Susan made about giving her son up for adoption. She made it for a special contest (and to share her testimony with the world). I’ll let you know when you can vote for her video on Mark Schultz’s website.

Well, take care everyone!! Have a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving!!! I know that it will be especially meaningful for me. I have SO MUCH to be Thankful for!! I can’t even begin to describe how glad my heart is!! Praise GOD!! I am so grateful for all I have - namely my family and friends…..all those true blue and loyal people who have been such an anchor for me (YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!!). I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!! OXOXOXO

Give thanks, everyone!! Be safe and have a great day of thanks tomorrow, and every day!!
Take it easy all you black Friday people!! LOL Enjoy your family for Pete’s sake!! Does anyone else ever see just how silly it is to camp outside a store to buy gifts for the very people you are missing out on being with on Thanksgiving Day? Sheesh! LOL Opt for cyber Monday instead!! LOL GOD BLESS YOU!!!!

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