Tuesday, April 29, 2008

"What about this one?"

As you all know, today is the sixth annual pro-life t-shirt day - sponsored by American Life League (ALL). And, of course, I am wearing my t-shirt today!! Are you wearing yours??

This year’s shirt is blue and it has three pictures on it. Two pictures are of babies in development, and the other picture is a pitch black square. Above the pictures, it says “Abortion.” Below the pictures, it says “growing, growing, gone.” Today, Casey looked at my shirt and pointed to BOTH pictures and said, “Mommy,….baby.” No one had to tell him that. We are BORN knowing that those little “fetuses” or “blobs of tissue” (as Planned Parenthood so wrongly calls them) are BABIES, created in the image of God and so easily recognizable that even a child knows it!! Yet, some adults aren’t even smart enough to realize that because they are lied to, brainwashed, and deceived into believing lies that go against common sense and their very essence of being! Not so with my son. He KNEW they were babies just by looking at them. Though, he was very perplexed when he looked at the empty square of blackness. He pointed to it and said, “what about this one?” When I heard that, it really struck me. Indeed, “what about this one?” What about the babies that don’t survive? What about THEM?!

How do I explain what happens to “this one” to my five-year-old child? He couldn’t understand even if I wanted to tell him. The saddest thing is, abortion shouldn’t have to be something I have to explain to my child because it shouldn’t be going on in the first place. I don’t want to have to explain willful murder to my son, or the devastation of those who are now saying, “what have I done to ‘this one’?” I don’t want to have to hear the countless stories of pain from mothers, fathers, siblings, and grandparents who are grieving for the lost children who were taken away by “choice.” I don’t want to have to explain to him the sick and twisted agenda of Planned Parenthood and how they lie and scheme their way to profits; profits off of death!! Yet, this is currently the sad reality, and the culture of death continues on….and with the endorsement of countless celebrities, businesses and corporations (some of which will likely surprise you as much as it did me!), and OUR TAX DOLLARS TOO!!. One can only hope that before my child reaches an age to where he can understand what abortion is, all I will have to say is that it’s a tragic thing of the past and not something that occurs in the present.

So, how will that happen? WHEN will that happen? When will we start fighting for “this one”? I’m doing my best RIGHT NOW for “this one.” How about you? Some of the best and simple ways that we can help is by praying, getting involved (like the call for life, for example), spreading awareness about what abortion REALLY is, how it HURTS women’s health (not helps it!), and what it does to all others involved. This has GOT TO STOP!! Not just for “this one” but for “every one!”

Once again, I must remind everyone that the next call for life is this Friday. Please, speak up for baby “this one.” Take just a few minutes to participate, ONCE A MONTH, EVERY MONTH!!

In closing, I would like to share a video I made today. It’s a video of Casey and I, and I am wearing the t-shirt. Listen to the pure and innocent words of my five-year-old. Watch his face as he tries to think about what my shirt could possibly mean. Think about all the “this ones.” Then, I pray you will be moved to help save them, as well as the fate of “every one” in America. May God forgive and save us from ourselves. May we repent and be redeemed!! We CAN turn things around!! Let’s make it happen!!

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