Thursday, October 16, 2008

Truth Serum Anyone??

Sorting Good Fruit From The Bad Apples

Don't you just wish that an injection of truth serum were a mandatory requirement before being allowed to engage in a presidential debate in front of the American people? Wouldn't it be GREAT if they were unable to lie to our faces, for at least ninety minutes, so we wouldn't have to guess and discern the lies from the truth (if, in fact, any truth is present)? I think I speak for the majority of Americans when I ask, when are we going to get some honest clean cut answers?!!

It's so hard to figure out who is really being straight up. As you all know, I don't favor McCain very highly, but I certainly don't sing the praises of Obama. Many may say that supporting McCain is the lesser of the two evils and that even the lesser of the two evils is still an evil. While this may be true, we must remember that, in fact, there is no perfect or "good" candidate because there is no perfect person. Consider Mark 10:18 which says: "Why do you call me good?" Jesus answered. "No one is good—except God alone." Additionally, Romans 3:10 says: "As it is written: 'There is no one righteous, not even one;'" So, if you are looking for a perfect role model in a politician (or in anyone for that matter!) you will not find it because we all sin and fall short of the glory of God (Romans 3:23). Even if the rightful nominee (Mike Huckabee) had won, he would still be no more "righteous" than anyone else. As wonderful as he is (and considerably more favorable when it comes to qualities we would want in a president) he is still just as human, imperfect, and naturally evil because of our sinful nature that we inherited from our forefather Adam. However, the only thing that distinguishes one sinful human being from another is whether or not they are saved, sealed, and led by the Holy Spirit or not. Those that are on God's side of things are more apt to do what's in the best interest of everyone, versus a person who only follows their own natural human desires.

This is the fundamental difference between Obama/Biden and McCain/Palin. In Matthew 7:15-23, Jesus tells us that we will know a person by their fruit. "A good tree cannot bear bad fruit, and a bad tree cannot bear good fruit" (v. 18). And, verse 21 says: "Not everyone that says 'Lord, Lord,' will enter the kingdom of heaven, but only he who does the will of my Father who is in heaven." So, when looking at the "fruitful" evidence of Obama/Biden and McCain/Palin, what kind of fruit do we see?? Well, with McCain/Palin, we see lives characterized by morality and faith. They are people who are going to look out for us because they don't neglect to look out for even the smallest and defenseless of people; such as those with disabilities and the unborn (and who exemplifies that better than Palin?!). We don't have to worry about where they stand on the issue of human life. They will value our lives because they don't demean and dismiss the lives of the most special, innocent, and vulnerable of Americans.

The "Inconvenient Truth" About Obama's Views On Life

Unfortunately, Obama/Biden don't share this same view. To them, lives are only valuable if they are "wanted." They believe in the "choice" to dispose of humans if they are an inconvenience to someone else. If you would like to see proof of this mentality, check out the video in which, among other statements, Obama tells us that "if they make a mistake…I don't want them punished with a baby." Excuse me… is punishment? A human life is punishment?? Barack, you have been hanging around Planned Parenthood too long!! (By the way, in that same video, he asserts: "I will not yield and Planned Parenthood will not yield." Gee, how comforting!).

So, do we want someone who puts his stamp of approval on murder to be running our country? Do we really believe that the same man who spoke in the latest presidential debate (and talked about providing for kids with special needs as well as doing what's in the best interest of our children's education) is really going to deliver when he turns around and tells Planned Parenthood and their zombified cronies that life is a "choice" and that if you make a "mistake" you can kill it? I don't believe for one second that he's going to look out for children, like my hearing impaired son, when he promotes KILLING those who are "imperfect" and "unworthy" of life because they are not physically or mentally flawless when one uses an ultrasound to peek into a mother's womb. I don't believe the hypocrisy of Barack Obama who claims he values children like my son, but would have fully supported my "choice" to kill him if I deemed his life unworthy for any reason and didn't want to be burdened or "punished" by giving birth to him. You know what, Mr. Obama? It's a real pity that you haven't been "punished" with such a blessing as I have. If you had, the heart of love and compassion that dwells within the being of my child might just melt your heart of stone!!!!

For this reason, and many others, I side with McCain/Palin who practice what they preach and fully recognize, as McCain asserted in the last debate, that "we have to change the culture of America" and use "courage and compassion" to reach out to those who are facing difficult and unplanned pregnancies. McCain also hit the issue right on the head when he pointed out that Obama's views are "in direct contradiction to the feelings and views of mainstream America." Amen to that!! The majority of Americans know deep down in their souls that life is LIFE!! McCain affirmed (when asked by Rick Warren) that a baby acquires human rights "at the moment of conception." In contrast, Obama's statement was: "answering that question with specificity…is above my pay grade" (See the provided link to watch him answer).

Barack Obama's Double Talk

Is all this enough information for you? Well, in case you need some more solid evidence of Obama's contradictions, let's look at a few statements that he made in the last debate (hopefully, the video link will work so you can see the segment for yourself). He said: "if it sounds incredible that I would vote to withhold life-saving treatment from an infant that's because…it's….not true……." It's not true?!! Are you kidding me?!! Then how do you explain voting against it four times? (For more on this, check out and be sure to watch the videos of abortion survivor Gianna Jessen; whom I named my daughter after). And, in addition to that, he also voted "present" on critical abortion decisions (such as partial birth abortion) just because it didn't provide a "health" exception for the mother. He said: "I am completely supportive of a ban on late term abortions, partial birth or otherwise, as long as there is an exception for the mother's health and life." Though, if he TRULY knew what abortion does to a woman's "health and life" he would think differently. He should talk to the women who tell me their "health and life" stories. Having abortions never benefited their "health and life" one bit!! In fact, it is very much the opposite; having effects on either their physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual health (or all of the above in most cases!). Their risks for complications, future infertility, breast cancer, depression, and even suicide increase dramatically!! And yet, Obama wants a PROVISION for all of this??? If it was REALLY about protecting a woman's health, he wouldn't promote something that destroys it!!!

Barack Obama and Planned Parenthood

One last factor we must be aware of is his emphatic support of Planned Parenthood. It's very telling when he says about unplanned pregnancies that "we should try to reduce these circumstances" ("reducing" human life is something Planned Parenthood loves!!) and that "we should try to prevent unintended pregnancies…by providing appropriate education to our youth; communicating that sexuality is sacred and that they should not be engaged in cavalier activity…and providing options for adoption and helping single mothers if they want to choose to keep the baby….." It sounds so heart-warming until you consider that his mother-ship is Planned Parenthood; the ones who market sexuality to our children (which is FAR FROM "appropriate education")!! They "educate" and indoctrinate our young little minds with perverse and pornographic material such as the book "It's Perfectly Normal" which graphically displays all sorts of immoral and outrageous sexual acts (whether hetero or homosexual, and whether with or without a person to do it with!). This is also the organization that actively pushes "responsible" sexual activity by promoting contraception and condoms to our kids!! If Barack Obama believes that sexuality is "sacred" then why is he aligned with this perverse and vulgar organization that treats this special bond as anything but? Planned Parenthood is the champion of "cavalier activity"!! Not only that, but they demean and mock abstinence and never bother to hinder anyone from denying their bodies the pleasure that they have every "right" to!

Listen Up, Wake Up, Wise Up!!

"He who has ears, let him hear" - Matthew 13:9. Are you listening America? Are you watching? Are you seeing the hearts and the fruit that comes forth from those hearts? If we value our lives, we best be voting for the ones who value them too!! And, as you can see, life is most definitely NOT a priority for Obama. Strange isn't? Life is….well…..LIFE!! Without life, what existence would there be? Life is the foundation for everything!! And yet, he despises and destroys it!! Will we elect someone with this mentality into the white house? May God help us all if we do!! Pray, people, PRAY!!! Grace and peace to all of you!!

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