Sunday, October 26, 2008

Who Will Catch You When You Fall?

Today, the series on tough questions continued as Chad demonstrated how to answer the question of “faith.” How can we just “have faith”? How do we believe?

Faith, though a small one syllable word, often seem big and intimidating to a lot of people. However, if you really break it down, faith really is a simple thing. And, ALL of us have faith!! The only difference from one person’s faith to the next is who/what the object of faith is. We are all able to believe. “Faith” is just another way of saying “trust”.

For those that question the mere existence of God, Chad illustrated some scientific examples of God’s handiwork in order to present the evidence of God. There are many that “believe” in the THEORY of evolution (and boy does that EVER take a LOT of faith to believe that all you see here was caused by a “big bang” and poof, something out of nothing was made!). As Chad pointed out, evolution is ever “evolving” itself because those that promote it keep changing it to fit their ideas any time they run into a snag in the theory. Evolution has been proven a farce many times, but still, they cling on to false ideas because of their pride and stubborn refusal to acknowledge that all the complexities of everything around us was carefully and intricately designed by a designer! NOTHING just “happens.” ANYTHING so complex HAS TO have a designer!! Think about the very computer in which you are viewing this blog. Did this computer just “happen” and “evolve” into the complex piece of machinery that it is now? No, of course not!! All of its tiny little microchips, wiring, and programming had to be configured by someone who designed it. My friends, if even a computer has a designer, than how much MORE designing does a human being (or anything else in this vast universe) have to have?! How much MORE complex are we than a computer?!!!

Chad told us about all the little “machines” we have working in our bodies. And, all those machines are within machines, and within machines!!! They just keep getting smaller and smaller!! Inside the tiniest one is LOTS more machines, and in THOSE machines are MORE machines!! ALL of which work together to keep us running!! We are so infinitely complex!! There is NO WAY we could have just “happened” along one day!! There is no randomness!

Evidence of God is all around us. Paul describes in Romans 1:18-20 that we can understand God by seeing all this evidence around us. We have no excuse not to believe!! Even though the world may try to dismiss the evidence, how can we possibly argue with it? As technology advances, we see more and more just how intricate and amazingly complex we are; and we STILL don’t know all there is to know about the workings of our own bodies! However, God does!! He fashioned us!! He knit us together in our mothers’ wombs (Psalm 139:13-15). All those endless complexities and inner workings were configured and made by Him.

When considering these things, does it make it easier to believe? For me, it always leaves me in awe, and it strengthens my belief in my object of choice: Jesus. I keep in mind how He said that we are to be humble like little children. For them, faith is easiest because they are open and receptive. They soak up all they learn and all they are told, and they believe so easily! That is how we need to be when we ponder the things of God. We need to take it in and drink it up! We need to look at all the wonders He created and remember that everything has His fingerprints all over it! Speaking of fingerprints, that’s yet one more things that proves His existence. There is no cookie-cutter person; we are all UNIQUE - right down to our fingerprints!

So, do you want to know Your Creator? Will HE be your object of faith? Or, will you put your hope and trust in persons or things that cannot catch you when you fall? Chad showed us a video of him catching his little boy as he jumped into his arms. In order for him to take that leap, he had to trust that his father would catch him. In that same way, God is there to catch us. Money can’t catch you (just look at the economy!). “Stuff” can’t catch you. Even PEOPLE can’t catch you (because all people are subject to their own falls and need catching too!). There is only ONE that is always prepared to catch you; who NEVER fails or falls Himself. He is steady, unchanging, and strong!! Those everlasting arms will never let you down! He will always lift you up! Fall on Him! Know Him! Have FAITH in Him!! Grace and peace to all of you!! Amen!

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