Monday, November 3, 2008

Tomorrow's Crossroads

I pray that everything goes well tomorrow. Best case scenario, McCain/Palin will be elected and our nation can let out a sigh of relief. Our faith, freedoms, families, and sacred marriages will be defended and protected, and our children (whether born or yet to be born) will have a voice in the White House. We will also have the hope that very soon, the Roe vs. Wade decision that destroyed millions of lives and traumatized countless women will soon be overturned. Now THAT is hope that we can believe in!

In addition to all of that, we will have the promise of a brighter future as we watch the two of them clean up Washington, give back to the American people, and make this nation a better place!! I can't wait to see the fruit of our prayers come to pass!! May the Lord show mercy and favor to us as He did four years ago when He refused to allow John Kerry to destroy America. The danger is even greater this time around, and I pray that He will show even more compassion on His faithful ones by sparing us from Obama's reign of terror!

I surely hope that Obama isn't elected. Our moral fabric will unravel at the seams and the principles our nation was founded on will dissolve little by little. It's a "slow fade" like the song by Casting Crowns. Check it out! The subject of the video doesn't just apply to relationships, but to the state our hearts and this nation. Will we let it all fade away, turn to gray, and let our values and faith slip away? We'll pay a high price if we don't stand up and stand strong! If all that we are turns into all that we "were", our nation will continue to spiral into despair and misery. I pray that we will move towards restoration, rather than destruction.

This is my heart's plea. I pray that you will stand with me tomorrow. And, in case you missed it, here's my video message for you to see once again. Feel free to pass it on!

On that final note, I would like to remind everyone that this Friday is the next monthly call for life. The people I may have to contact for these calls might be changing soon. I will still be contacting Richard Lugar (he's not up for reelection yet). And, more than likely, I'll still be contacting Mike Pence (I'm confident he will be reelected!). And, of course, I still have to continue contacting Evan Bayh (PRAY FOR HIM!). The only thing that might change is who I will be contacting concerning the offices of governor and president. Mitch Daniels is looking as though he will probably get reelected, but the office of president is really close right now (of course!). America, please don't make my job harder!! Right now, I have the joy of thanking and encouraging my representatives to continue standing for life, family, and values (with the exception of Evan Bayh). Please, don't make me have to plead and beg Obama each month to change his heart and do what's right!!! Of course, I will if it comes to that, but I sincerely hope I won't have to!! I would love to be able to continue encouraging a pro-life president to keep making strides in the right direction. I don't want to have to weep and mourn knowing that the leader of the country that I love is in favor of killing off innocent and defenseless people!!

Grace and peace to you all!! Please, VOTE TOMORROW as if your life depends on it - because it DOES!!!!

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