Monday, June 14, 2010

Progress and "Problems" ;)

Everyone knows that I'm not a "Monday" person. Furthermore, I am not a morning person either. However, I have learned to love and appreciate both in the last few weeks. 

Of course, today is weigh-in day and I am happy to report that I am down another 1.6 pounds. I now weigh 186 (and falling). ;) Praise God!! 

I am very satisfied with that loss. I didn't think I would have one at all because throughout the week, my weight showed that I was staying exactly where I was. Despite burning over 4,000 calories last week (I know, right?!) I knew that I would have trouble showing a loss. Why? Because I wasn't eating enough. 

The thing is, none of this was really intentional. I worked out the same as normal and usually burn 2,500 calories. It ended up being more because of a few spontaneous workouts (as well as pushing harder when I DID workout; partly because of wanting to get some frustration out). One of my extra workouts involved the the Shaun T's Fit Kids Club video (I was helping Casey learn how to do it - and it's a very fun and simple video! I highly recommend it for kids!!). Then, I had a short workout with Brandi when I was showing her how to Turbo Jam. And finally, I decided to run on Friday (my rest day) because the Swiss Days 5k is coming up and I haven't run in a while. So, I burned quite a bit last week! 

Everyone knows that exercise burns calories, so I should have literally burned my entire butt off with that kind of number. ;) However, what you may or may not know is that if you don't consume enough calories, your body freaks out and hold onto all that it gets - and I know that. Typically, this is not my problem. Usually, I would be blogging about the opposite issue: overconsumption. However, due to the Shakeology, I have not been craving food (including sweets). That is an AWESOME thing for me, but now I have to be very purposeful in my eating. I still got an amazing amount of protein (and for once, my carbs and fat weren't on the high end of the spectrum) but I still didn't get enough calories. I KNEW that I was sabotaging myself by not eating enough, but I just couldn't seem to make myself do it (especially on the days where I had a nervous stomach - and those of you closest to me know why). Heck, even when I gave blood yesterday, the thought of eating their cookies to replenish made me feel even more sick to my stomach. But, I did have a cookie (and a couple doughnuts). I wasn't craving them and surprisingly, they didn't really taste that good to me. I NEVER thought I would have to MAKE myself eat the kind of stuff that I used to think I HAD to have lol. I did feel better and more stabilized after eating it, but that's the only reason I ate it.

Ok, so my goal for this week is to make sure that I eat enough. I'm still going to work just as hard and am excited about finishing this final week of the "push" phase of ChaLean Extreme. My fellow Beachbody coaches have told me, "just wait until 'lean'" so I am VERY excited to see a new surge of progress when I start that phase! I'm ready for it!! The "push" phase has been GREAT and I have really enjoyed it. Though, I can tell that my body is ready for a fresh change if it's going to continue to progress. No plateaus here!! Got to keep changing it up! 

Speaking of changes, I still can't help but do double takes whenever I look in the mirror. I am finally SEEING the changes in my body and for the first time, I am seeing and feeling the strength and definition in myself. Plus, there are clothes that I can wear that were tight only a few weeks ago (and now, they're not)! ;) Though, this also presents a very unique problem because there is going to come a point where I exceed the smallest size that is in my closet. Back in 2007, I got to 178. I am EIGHT POUNDS away from that, so anything beyond 178 (as I aim for my 150 goal) is going to mean that I'm seriously going to need a tailor! ;) And, I continue to have a frustrating shoe problem, because my size 11 shoes don't fit right anymore (but my feet still seem to be too big for a 10). So, progress is bringing its "problems". ;) Though, these kind of problems (while mildly irritating) are actually pretty welcome problems to have. ;) And, all of you KNOW that I'm tough enough to tackle it and will overcome!! (Philippians 4:13). 

Thank you all for reading and for supporting me in this!! Grace and peace to all of you! And, as always, if you have questions about Shakeology or ChaLean Extreme (or anything Beachbody) please feel free to ask! I'm an Independent Team Beachbody Coach and I'm here to help (sign up for FREE by clicking "sign up" on my page and I will be assigned to you as your coach!). God bless you all!! 

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Shane Gilreath said...

I am envious of your drive. I have got to get control of my own life and habits. They've been seriously out of control lately, and as sure as you see and feel changes in the positive, I see them in the opposite direction...and have been in denial about it, I suppose, for some time.