Saturday, October 20, 2007

Finding Real Help At "A Friend's House"

Tonight, we went to “A Friend’s House” annual banquet. (To learn more about their ministry, please click on the link provided).

The banquet was delightful and there were a few speakers. The speakers talked about A Friend‘s House Ministries and what it offers to women in need. Basically, it’s a ministry unlike most others out there. It’s a residential facility that helps women cope with their life issues and struggles. The counselors really care and they mentor and guide them into becoming independent and healthy women as they help them to overcome their problems in life. And, because it is Christ centered, most of the residents begin to develop a wonderful and beautiful relationship with God as they discover how much He loves them and can heal them of their pain.

Of course, this ministry is at no cost to them, but it’s not “free.” The ministry counts on the generosity of the caring hearts of the community to keep them running. They said it takes over $300,000 to keep them running. And, believe me, this ministry NEEDS to keep going!! Every penny that goes into that ministry helps saves the lives of countless hurting women and gives them a new chance in life and helps them to be a productive member of society. And, in case you didn’t know, for a girl to be able to stay there, it costs a little over $100 a day. But, compared to a government funded place, that they spend our tax dollars on, that isn’t very much. If a woman were to go to a place other than AFH, it would cost thousands of dollars for her per day - and that doesn’t even guarantee that she will get the tailored one on one help that she needs. A Friend’s House ministers to these women so much better because it’s a residential facility that works with them one on one 24/7 and personal relationships are forged and nurtured. THAT is the difference and makes all the dollars put into that place go a lot further!!

It was so heartwarming to hear one of the success stories tonight. One of the ladies that stayed at A Friend’s House was talking about how she gets to go home now after learning the necessary skills that she needed and learning to love herself and get her life straightened out. Previously, she had been doing drugs and alcohol, but now, she has made a total turn around!! Praise the Lord for that!!

It was truly an honor to attend this banquet and to support a ministry like this. If God lays it on your heart, perhaps you could visit their site and donate to them - or at the very least, pray for them! Or, if you are reading this and you are thinking that you could use their help, contact them and apply for their aid. The girl that just finished their program was from Texas. They have accepted people from all around the country!

Well, I guess that is all I have to say for right now. The next time I write, it will probably be Sunday’s sermon synopsis. Of course, it’s all about the continuing “House” series. ;) I’m loving it!! God bless you everyone!!

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