Monday, October 22, 2007

Politics Really Can Be Funny!! LOL

After watching the republican debate tonight, I am becoming more and more encouraged that Mike Huckabee is gaining ground and popularity. He REALLY did well tonight; as he always does!! He made several insightful points tonight. One of which is when he said that all joking aside, there was nothing funny about having Hillary Clinton for president. Amen to that!! That wouldn’t be funny at all!! That would be a tragedy for all of America to weep for as we watch our nation be destroyed before our very eyes! I pray that that will never have to happen and that America still has enough common sense not to vote for a power hungry dictator who will strip us of our freedoms and our faith.

Huckabee was incredibly well prepared and articulate and he totally dominated!! I think he blew away the competition, and he totally read my mind when he said that Rudy and Romney and the rest of them could duke it out all they wanted. And, after their whole bloody fight was over with, he would still be the one standing there and could be the one to run for president. Ha ha. You just gotta love Mike Huckabee!!

He also wowed the crowd with his tremendously intelligent answers and commanding stage presence and personality. He is really a guy you can connect and feel comfortable with.

The same can’t be said of many of the other candidates, however. Ron Paul got booed a few times when he went on a spiel about how the troops need to get out of there and that people are tired of the war, etc. Granted, we are tired of the war and wish the troops could come home, but the American people are smart enough to realize that just jumping ship totally would be a bad idea. It’s like an exterminator leaving a job only half done. If you don’t get rid of all the bugs, you’ll just have to go back to a situation that is ten times worse the next time and it won’t be as easily contained.

Romney also fudged up big time. It was mind-blowing and laughable to see how he continually contradicted himself in such a John Kerry manner. He was always talking out of both sides of his mouth. It was astounding!! Hopefully, people will see through his hypocrisy the same way I hope they will see through Hillary’s. He doesn’t have a lot of room to talk about her lies when he does the very same thing. He caters and panders to the crowd just as much as she does. Never mind the fact that he probably doesn’t even know he’s being so ridiculous because he doesn’t even know what he believes himself. Just today, I saw him on television answering a question about how he believes in God but also in evolution and that he thinks God used the “tools of science” in order to create human beings. Oh my gosh, is he serious??? Evolution isn’t “science” anyways!! It’s nothing more than a ridiculous theory that has a religion all its own!! You have to be a special kind of stupid to believe that we “evolved” from apes!! And how insulting to say that he believes that GOD would use that kind of “tool” to create!! That’s like saying he couldn’t make us right in the first place, and we just “improved” upon ourselves over time. Well, first of all, the Bible says we are made in his image and that God never changes. So, that totally nullifies the evolution theory for you if you say that you believe in God. In order to have been made in his image, and be who we are today, we couldn’t have possibly come from apes. Otherwise, we would STILL be apes because God would have had to been a monkey to start with and a monkey now - since He never changes. But, since we are obviously NOT monkeys now (well, in the case of Romney, Clinton, and other monkey-brained people, there could be an exception! LOL) the evolution theory does not add up; especially if you claim that you have faith in the God that created you. Gee, Mr. Romney, what a slap in the face to Almighty God!! Maybe, in time, the mass of nothingness in your brain will have a big explosion and “evolve” into something out of nothing and you will miraculously have a brain!! Let us hope that you are just grossly misinformed and deceived and that when confronted with the truth of the matter, your eyes will be opened and you will see clearly. It’s like Kent Hovind always says, “Ignorance can be fixed, but stupid is forever.”

Well, I hope you got a good laugh out of that, because I sure did!! I find Mitt Romney’s ridiculous contradictions outrageously funny!! I don’t think he even realizes just how stupid and contradictory he sounds!! If he could only hear himself!! Oh boy!! We got to seriously pray for him to see the truth in so many ways - including the fact that he is also brainwashed by the false doctrine of the Mormon church.

Anyways, that’s all I have to say about Romney. Most of the debate was just bombastic falder-rah and an endless stream of circumventing the questions and pointing fingers at the other candidates - as well as the democratic candidates who weren’t present. In other words, just another typical debate. LOL Although, it was so refreshing to see that Huckabee had enough class and character not to act so immature and ridiculous. He knew his facts. He conducted himself respectfully and he was even rather humorous. I’ll even credit John McCain for that too. In fact, he got a standing ovation when he criticized Hillary for her wasteful spending (in regards to some ridiculous Woodstock museum or something like that). McCain said that he didn’t know how valuable or important something like that was considering that he was “tied up” at that moment in history. ;) LOL

Another moment of pure comic genius came from the mouth of Giuliani when he provided and actual quote from Hillary. “I’m not making this up,” he said. Hillary actually said, "I have a million ideas. The country can’t afford them all.” Giuliani went on to describe that she’s absolutely right. We CANNOT afford all of her millions of ideas!! Finally!! She actually said something truthful!! America cannot afford Hillary!!

Ok. I think I am done laughing for tonight. But, all joking aside, if you want a real winner who isn’t going to embarrass the country with their double-talk and lack of true insight and understanding, stand with Mike Huckabee. This guy truly knows what he’s doing, and he’s no imbecile!! He won’t turn this country into a three ring circus full of chaos and misery. He wouldn’t let us down! He wouldn’t turn us into the biggest laughingstock on the planet. Huckabee would actually restore our integrity and credibility that our nation was founded on and has been known for. Isn’t that how we want people to think of America? Isn’t it time that we show the world that we are honest, dependable, and worthy of the world’s respect by electing someone with true leadership into the white house? Yes, I think it’s time. It’s time for MIKE HUCKABEE!!!

And, before you laugh at this one, read this article about Chuck Norris’s endorsement of Mike Huckabee!! Hey, if he’s good enough for tough old Chuck, he’s good enough for us all!! ;) Mike, we love you and we’re praying for you!! Don’t give up!! Keep fighting the good fight!! God bless you!!


Anonymous said...

That's a very good take on last night's debate. I watched it all the way, and even part of the repeat at 11:00.

Not only did Mike Huckabee win the debate, but I think he should be gaining credence in the national polls, even moving up past John McCain.

I would have gauged the debate as (1) Huckabee; (2) Thompson; (3) Giuliani; (4-5 tie) McCain & Romney. Ron Paul should be dropped permanently from the debates, and Tancredo will probably drop out after the Iowa caucuses.


Joani said...

Hi from your friend over at the R/C Spark Page. I had to *LOL* at Hillary's comment regarding that our country cannot 'afford' her ideas. On a moral, ethical and mere survival plain--she's right! We cannot!

Good writing--thanks!