Saturday, December 8, 2007


A while back, I told all of you about my best friend, Susan Stafford, and her amazing adoption story video that she made for a contest for Christian music artist Mark Schultz. Now, I would like to give you an update on that.

Voting, for both her written testimony and video, is still going on until midnight on December 10th (EST time). After that, the votes for each group will be tallied and the top ten finalists from the video and written testimony groups will be put into a finalist group to be voted on from midnight on December 11th until midnight on December 18th.

All you need to do is to first REGISTER on the site and then, within 24 hours (you may or may not get a confirmation message of registration due to a glitch in the system) login to the website and login to the site to vote for her!! And, if I may suggest, try to vote as close to the deadline as possible so that she can get those “last minute” votes and have a better chance of winning. Then, if she wins, she will be one of the finalists to vote for and if she wins THAT, her story will stay on the site for a couple months and get all the more exposure and touch peoples’ hearts….and it’s all for the glory of the Lord! That was her sole motivation for doing this; not to win concert tickets or talk to Mark Schultz or anything like that (though the prize is nice of course). Believe me, this was a painful thing for her to do and she wasn‘t sure if she wanted to go through with it; but many of her close friends and I encouraged her to do it. And, of course, she opted (as always) to bless the Lord’s heart by sharing her heart and testimony with the world in order to bring people to Christ and touch other peoples’ hearts! She’s so selfless, brave, courageous, and beautiful! I just can’t even begin to express how much her story has touched ME every time I see/hear it. (Have the tissues ready people!!) It’s so amazing, breathtaking, and unique!! The world just has to see it/hear it!!

So, if you would, please register on the site ASAP and then, vote for her stories as close to the deadline as possible - if you can. DON’T FORGET!! You can vote in BOTH categories! So, once you are registered, use the username and password you signed up with to login here.- the log in button is right above the forum topics. Then, click on the topic “Mark wants to hear your adoption story.“ On the next page, find and click on the topic that says “[Poll] Group 12” (Susan’s testimony is story #1 and the button to vote for it is at the top). Then, go back to the “Mark wants to hear your adoption story” page and vote for her video testimony by clicking on the topic that says “[Poll] video’s to vote for” (it’s the topic right below poll group 6). Once you click on that, vote for VIDEO #2 by clicking on the vote button at the top!

Ok, I know that sounds complicated, but it’s not. Just follow those instructions that I gave you step by step. I’m sorry that it couldn’t be further simplified….but the way the site set it up is beyond our control. Please know that Susan is very grateful for the time and effort that everyone is putting forth to vote for her, and that a vote for her testimony will be helping advance the Kingdom for Christ and will touch the hearts of so many people!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

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