Sunday, December 9, 2007

There's 'A' Word on the Street...

Ok, I know I’ve already been telling you all to vote for Susan’s adoption story video (please see my past blog for information on how). Now, I got another friend for you to vote for - and this is pretty quick and easy.

This is a short film documentary from my friend “Aborted Artist” on myspace. Please check out his page, story, and videos. He is trying to be the next “Breakout Filmmaker” and he entered his video ‘A’ Word on the Street on this site:

So, please check out this site and register. Login, then select the documentary from the genres drop box at the bottom and then watch 'A' Word on the Street. Then, VOTE!! You can vote 15 times per day.

This is a very eye-opening video. It’s just jaw-dropping to see peoples’ reactions and responses. Thanks for taking the time to watch and vote!!

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