Thursday, September 4, 2008

Dont' Let A Rock Do Your Job!!

I have a confession to make…..I’m stubborn. Does this shock you? For those of you that know me best, I’m sure it doesn’t. Though, what would make me bring up the issue of my tenacity right now? Well, it’s because the time has come to put my determined and immovable will to better use. By that I mean that I changed from a stubborn “I’m not sure if I can vote for McCain” mindset, to a “I will vote for no one other than McCain” stance after watching the Republican convention last night. This despite the fact that I said I would NEVER vote for McCain. Well, like the saying goes, “Never say never!” After all, if Dr. Dobson can change his mind, so can I; and especially since we have good reason to!

Of course, many of you probably recall just how “Huckafied” I was during the first part of this year when I began supporting and advocating for Mike Huckabee when he was fighting for the presidential nomination. I was determined and unwavering in my commitment to his passion, conviction, and vision for this country. Everything was paying off too, that is, until he started losing momentum (which I attribute to spoiler Fred Thompson and the S.C. primary - but I won‘t get into that now). And, when Mike Huckabee was forced to withdraw, I bawled and bawled and just couldn’t accept the fact that the best man for the job was out of the running. This also led me to resist accepting McCain right away because of the obvious difference in the level of true conservatism. So, yes, I was very stubborn and resistant when it came to jumping on the McCain bandwagon because it felt like such a step backward and I didn’t want to settle for second best.

So, for months, I have had thought and prayed about the whole thing. McCain had never shown himself to be a solid conservative; and yes, I know that Obama is far worse than McCain, but I just didn’t know if I could vote for him in good conscience. I thought if he picked Huckabee for his running mate, I would compromise. Otherwise, I would just write-in Huckabee and be done with it.

My stalemate continued for a while as I waited to see who McCain would choose for a running mate. We all knew that his pick would be crucial and says a lot about how conservative he really is. It would be the deciding factor. I hoped and prayed hard for Huckabee, but instead, I (and the rest of the world) was pleasantly surprised when he picked Alaska governor Sara Palin. I must say that I would have been more disappointed in the fact that he didn’t pick my man Mike if it weren’t for the fact that his choice was so perfect for a varied number of reasons. For one, this was a BRILLIANT strategy and a huge slam to the democrats. Obama neglected to pick Hillary as a running mate; which would have made even more political history. Yet, McCain chose to pull the rug out from under him by doing what Obama wouldn’t (I’ll bet Obama is kicking himself now!! LOL). McCain might very well pick up the many female votes that would have gone to Hillary had she still been in this race (and Palin is a steak compared to hamburger Hillary anyways! There‘s no question as to who the better woman/leader is! This should be a no-brainer for all those who want to vote for a truly worthy female candidate!!).

Though, bigger than the shock value or clever political tactics is the fact that McCain picked a conservative more solid than he is. Beyond the fact that she is a woman of faith, she is also a mother of five as well as a brilliant, tough, and capable woman who fights for truth and justice. Her small-town background and values are what shaped her. Before she was governor, she was mayor of her small town, and her experience alone (and the LACK of experience that Obama has) makes a world of difference!!

I was taken in by her as I watched her speak last night. Her speech was PHENOMENAL!! She spoke with courage, strength, faith, and heart. She was warm, funny, charming, and TRUTHFUL! And, when she spoke to all of us who have children with special needs, I became teary eyed. Her commitment to the well-being and protection of life is what riveted me the most. She said that we will have an “advocate” in the white house for our children. That was the probably the one thing that resonated most with me, and that was when I said “they get my vote.” Not only will children, like my hearing-impaired son, have someone who will protect and encourage them in their lives, but ALL CHILDREN (born and pre-born) will have the hope of protection and life if McCain/Palin are the next residents of the White House.

So, there you have it. This is my new and improved stubbornness. LOL I will now be supporting McCain/Palin and encouraging others to do the same. And, for those of you that may still have qualms, let me tell you about something God reminded me of. This may surprise you, but I was somewhat reluctant to accept a woman as a vice-presidential candidate. Having women in a position of high leadership, to me, undermines the dynamics of things. Men are supposed to be the ones in a position of headship and authority (just as men are supposed to be head of their household and the spiritual leader of their families). However, as I wrestled with this in my mind before she left the stage, Queen Esther came to mind. I thought of her courage and faith and how she had to be willing to possibly sacrifice her life in order to try and save her people. In the latter part of verse 4:14 in the book of Esther, Mordecai says to her: “And who knows but that you have come to royal position for such a time as this?"

Indeed, we NEED just the right people to lead in “such a time as this.” God purposed Esther to serve and to reign in a crucial time for her people, and God has done the same for us with John McCain and Sara Palin. Women in ministry and leadership are just as crucial as the men; and especially imperative when God’s army lacks male volunteers. I’m not meaning to slam men here, though I’m sure I’m not the only one who has noticed that this world is running short on 100% passionate, sold out, die-hard Christian men who are eager to love Jesus with their whole heart and serve His people. You can even ask my step-father (who is also a pastor) if he agrees, because he has been criticized for putting women in leadership in his own church. Though, his response to them is that when men start stepping up, he won’t have to put women in charge of the shoes that the men are supposed to be filling. God has a purpose, and if we reject it, He’ll rise up someone else that is willing to accept it. Much like how Jesus said the rocks would cry out if His people ceased to praise Him (Luke 19:40). If we don’t do what we are meant to do, someone else will have to pick up the slack. And, like a good pastor I know once said “I don’t want a rock doing my job.”

I applaud Sara Palin for stepping up in “such a time as this.” She’s done a good job as mayor, governor, and by the grace of God, will do wonderfully as a vice president. Though, she can only fulfill her purpose if we fulfill ours by VOTING!!! Don’t let a bunch of “rocks” do your job!!! Don’t let this country fall to pieces by failing to fulfill your role in this election!! STAND on the rock, Jesus, and we won’t have people with only rocks in their heads running this country!!

Grace and peace to all of you as we pray for these elections and support those who hold God’s principles dear to their hearts!!

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