Friday, September 12, 2008

Bringing "Hope" to Life

In the midst of remembering the tragedies of September 11th yesterday, I was honored to spend the day by CELEBRATING life as I attended The Hope Clinic banquet. Being at that banquet, with other passionate supporters/protectors of life, blessed and filled my heart with hope, joy, and thankfulness.

The culmination of the banquet came when testimonies were shared. Two women shared their gratitude with us as they expressed how much the Hope Clinic meant to them. Both women were very vulnerable to the idea of an abortion, but decided against it after finding hope and support at the clinic. One chose to keep and raise her baby, and the other chose to give her child up for adoption. Both were facing trying circumstances, but the loving and caring people at The Hope Clinic walked with them through their hard times (try finding THAT at a Planned Parenthood!!!).

Those testimonies truly highlighted the need for a ministry such as The Hope Clinic. Crisis Pregnancy Centers like that can only exist through the big-hearted donations of the people that support it (whether through prayer, finances, donations, etc.). That is why I am asking my readers to consider supporting this ministry. Last year, so many of you overwhelmed me with your generous outpouring of support as I participated in the Walk for Life (there is no walk this year because they alternate their fundraisers). And so, I am hoping for the same kind of outpouring. I know that the economy is tough, so I understand if many of you cannot donate (though your prayer support is always appreciated - and costs you nothing out of pocket). Though, if you only have even five bucks to send, would you please consider giving it to this blessed ministry? My blogs get approximately 100 views (give or take) a week (and that's just on ONE of the blogs in which I post!). So, can you imagine what a blessing it would be to The Hope Clinic if those hundreds of views turned into a few hundred dollars?

I will now close this blog with another powerful testimony; as well as a few other special links (and the contact information for the clinic if you choose to open your heart and donate financially). The other featured speakers were two women who faced difficult pregnancy diagnoses. One was faced with the certainty that her son, Noah, would not live outside the womb. The other was confronted with the fact that her son, Owen, would have several disabilities. These two women, who are also good friends, clung to each other (as well as their faith and family) to get them through.

Their stories were touching and emotional, and I tried unsuccessfully to hold back my own tears. Their stories reminded me of my own son, Casey, who was born hearing impaired. Even though my son’s disability isn’t as difficult as what they had to face, I still identified with the fact that each life is precious. No matter what adversity a person faces, EVERYONE has a right to live and breathe (no matter how long or short that time is!). They affirmed the fact that each child is a blessing (regardless if they are born “healthy” or not). Each life is planned and serves a purpose and is for the glory of God. Even a child that is born less than “perfect” by the world’s standards is still valuable nonetheless!! They realized, just as I have, that the story of the blind man in John 9 is just as true for us as it was then. Neither the parents, or the man, were being “punished” with a disability or hardship. On the contrary, God’s name would be glorified through the lives of the man and his family - just as His name is glorified in our own lives today!

I don’t have the words to describe their beautiful, heart-wrenching, and inspiring stories. So, please feel free to see, hear, and read them for yourselves on their website. On their site, they have links to the YouTube videos and photo albums of the precious baby boys that they love. Noah went to heaven after blessing his family with one precious hour and 42 minutes of time before going home to the Father. Meanwhile, here on Earth, Owen continues to beat the odds as he continues to live and thrive; serving as a testament to the world that God is good and that nothing is impossible!!

May the grace and peace of the Lord be with all of you as you prayerfully consider what the Lord would have you give to this blessed ministry. Do it for the women and babies. Do it in memory of Noah and Owen (or even for my little boy: Casey). Whatever the reason, do it for the furtherance of God’s Kingdom and to help save and protect the lives of the innocent - for all those God-created persons (Isaiah 44:2, Psalm 139:13). God bless you all!!

The Hope Clinic

165 W. Water Street
Berne, IN 46711

Noah’s Video

Videos of Owen

Casey and Me

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