Monday, September 15, 2008

Truth: Do You Know It? Will You Stand For It?

FYI to everyone who has the guts to VOTE in November…..

You’ll want to see this video that one of my friends sent me on myspace. It concerns Barack Obama and his approval of infanticide (also, please note the name of the organization, that proudly endorses him, on the background behind him). If you’re not familiar with what infanticide is, you will be after you watch this video in which blogger/nurse Jill Stanek describes the infanticide she witnessed; how babies are discarded and left to suffer and die (ALIVE and ALONE)!!! How could anyone support this??? I don‘t know…..would someone ask Osama Obama please??? It’s the ultimate terrorism and crime against humanity to proudly support the deaths of your own countrymen - no matter how small!! (For more information, check out ).

Likewise, I have the same questions reeling in my mind about our Democratic candidate for governor, Jill Long Thompson. WHY on earth is she such a radical supporter of abortion? And, aside from her horrible and distasteful position on life, who would even want to vote for her (especially after Mitch Daniels has done SO MUCH to better our state - and is also hailed as the most pro-life governor EVER)? Thanks but no thanks, Jill. We just got back on the right road after years of substandard Democratic leadership by the late Frank O’Bannon and Evan Bayh (who is now demonstrating his so-called “Hoosier values“ by choosing to sit on his hands in the senate; refusing to defend life and traditional marriage - among other things). Indiana will choose to stand by our man Mitch!! We REFUSE to backtrack on progress!!

We have so many of these power-hungry-leftist-psychos wanting to take over our lives, kill our children (but saving “mother earth“), and ruin our country in more ways that I can begin to name. That’s why it’s all the more imperative that we VOTE so that these crazies don’t end up calling the shots! Sorry if I’m being a little too blunt for you, but it’s important to speak up and tell people like it is sometimes. We need not be fooled into voting for someone that we have no clue about!! These people have blood on their hands; don’t stain your own by shaking theirs! We all should know better - especially if we call ourselves Christians. We should NOT vote for people who support things that violate the Word of God!! If we do, how truly “Christian” are we if we refuse to stand up for the faith we claim to believe? To quote one of my friends: “Liberal Christians completely creep me out.”

Please let your voice be heard!! Keeping silent and refusing to stand up against those that shed innocent blood will only add more to the pain this nation already bears!! Please, America, NO MORE!! No more innocent lives lost. No more wounded and victimized women of “choice.” No more needless pain, regret, and even medical complications, infertility, and miscarriages that women often go through afterwards. Let the lies and deceptions end with our generation!! Let‘s help put an end to the suffering!!

To wrap it up, I am encouraging you all to participate in the next pro-life memorial day, which is on October 6th. (Please click on the link for more!) Let us honor the lives lost through abortion, as well as reaching out to the broken hearted who mourn the losses of their children. Let us have compassion for their scars, and walk with them through their grief. In fact, if you are reading this and have had an abortion, there is help for you. I would be glad to hear your story, and to offer my sympathy and compassion (and I have information links for you if you want additional help).

Grace and peace be with you all!! Stay informed and aware!! God bless you!!

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