Wednesday, January 6, 2010

"Jacked" on Jesus! :)

The time has come!! It is the new year and it’s prime time for losing weight! Yes, this has been a goal of mine EVERY year for the past I don’t know how many years! I have had my successes as well as setbacks. I’m still not at “goal” but I hope to be this year - finally. If ever there was a big kick in the pants to get started, it’s now! That’s because Life Church is doing “Fit Life” and this challenge isn’t for sissies!! They said it’s a big commitment and boy are they right! We had our informational meeting last night (just before the premiere of the new season of “The Biggest Loser”). A LOT of people showed up (but we shall soon see how many will last! Muah ha ha!!).

The commitment doesn’t scare me! I love it! Gives me clearly defined goals/boundaries! I know I can do it because I have done it before. I have to help me track my food and exercise. All I have to do is dig in my heels with my stubborn resolve and be super-strict on myself as I was when I first started spark in 2007 (and lost over 40 pounds). I have been consistent with my exercise, but not my nutrition. Now, I am ready to refocus and this challenge is already revving me up!

When we had our meeting, we paid twenty bucks (which covers our t-shirt and the cash prize for the team that wins - which they’ll split the money). The BIGGEST LOSER is the one who wins the BIG PRIZE - a week in a timeshare of their choice! I’m going to run this race to win, baby!! I don’t know if I will be the big winner or not (I probably don’t have as much to lose as some) but I’m going to work hard regardless! That and I don’t want to be one of the people that will have to pay five bucks per pound if they gain one (oh yeah, you heard right!). So, there is PLENTY of motivation to go around: trip, cash prize (or cash loss if you GAIN!), and your teammates!

We are meeting every Monday night to weigh-in and workout together (the rest of the week, we workout on our own time). This works out great because I normally weigh-in on Mondays anyways. I was primarily just going to post this kind of thing on spark (where I usually do) but I have decided to share it on the rest of my blogs as well (because your support motivates me and the extra accountability would be good for me as well - and if I can help inspire someone, even better!). So, be looking for a weekly update! Our starting weigh-in will be Monday and we are doing this for eight weeks.

The best part is, I got GREAT people on my team (though, I’m sad that Jenny Elliott and I didn’t get to be on the same team, as we had hoped!). Even better is the fact that when we were told who our team leader was, I got the JILLIAN of the bunch!! Oh yes, my team leader is personal trainer BLAKE RINGGER (Maggie, please stop drooling! LOL). He’s buff and downright tough as nails about nutrition and fitness! I’m proud as peaches to be on his team!

In standard “Blake” fashion, he proceeded to tell us how he would know in the next meeting or two who was “serious” or not and who the “jackers” would be (whether on our team or the other teams). We all laughed, but know exactly what he means. You always got some that are pumped up like truck tires but they either deflate easily or pop under pressure. The ones that “jack” around will either drop out quickly or just slack-off and not work very hard. Nuff said!! Though, as far as I can see, neither I nor anyone on my team is a “jacker” (though I think a lot of us are “jokers.” What? Laughing burns calories!). I’m very glad of that! No worries! We got each other’s backs (and our own!). The others teams should fear us!! LOL (Sorry, Jenny, nothing personal!).

Ok, I’m not trying to talk “smack” about “jack” or anything. I just wanted to take a walk on the lighter side before talking about the overall picture which is very serious. The fact of the matter is, our lives need to be about glorifying God and taking care of the temple that He dwells in; our bodies (1 Corinthians 6:19, 1 Corinthians 10:31). The first and most important lesson I learned when I took “The Lord’s Table” course is that if we are to have any success, Christ has to be our motive. Christ should be our focus and our goal; everything else is just a bonus. I’m not fool enough to think that nutrition, fitness, and this challenge will carry me through this. CHRIST will be what motivates and carries me. I will NOT succeed apart from Him! It’s a fact! I will most CERTAINLY fail if I try this without Him (because I always do when I try and do it on my own steam)! Therefore, I must pray and seek Him MUCH more! HE is my ultimate personal trainer! To Him be the glory!! Jesus, it’s all for YOU!

I am hoping with all my heart that I will prioritize and make sure that my soul is nourished and exercised in faith before anything else. If I do that, I will succeed in whatever I do through Christ! To help with that, we were told that Chad’s sermon series for the next few weeks would be on “momentum” and keeping ourselves going in life with Christ as our fuel! I am really excited about this series! It seems as though all the tools are in place to get me going in the right direction (and I’m thrilled to have so many of you along with me for the ride! Thanks for the support and encouragement!).

Grace and peace to all of you! Here’s to hoping that none of us are “jackers” - unless we are “jacked up” on JESUS!! ;) Praise God! He always lifts me up and never lets me down!!! God bless you all!!


Shane Gilreath said...

Melissa, I wish you every success...and I believe you have it in you to achieve all you want. Just a little smidgeon of advice: my sister is a gym addict, and when she first started getting serious about fitness (weight loss wasn't really her issue), she did have to be on a strict diet. She hired a trainer/nutritionist. But after she met her initial goal, she can be very loose with her diet, and she maintains. I can see if she has any advice for you: diet or workout tips. When you got to the gym with her, she treats you like Jillian. She's probably get along great with you Blake!

Good luck!

Melissa said...

Thanks, Shane! :) And yeah, I hear ya! I think there is a time and place for strictness. Right now is that time. I don't think it should ALWAYS be rigid, though. In fact, when I took that "Lord's Table" course, it said that counting calories and being restrictive only puts more focus on food and less on Christ. It's true - and I don't want to be thinking about food all the time. That's the one part of this challenge that I am not fond of, but when I DID track my food int he past, I was more self-controlled with my eating. So, for a time (this 8 week period), I will track again. Of course, there will be a time for maintaining and being more relaxed - but not right now. I hope to finally get to that point, though. :) With God's help, I will!!