Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Praise God for Progress!!

It’s been a week now since I started “Fit Life” at church (click here to see last week's blog because I forgot to post it other than on spark). Yesterday was weigh-in day and I am happy to report that I have had GREAT success!! According to my scale last week, I was 207. This week, it showed 202.2 which means I lost a total of 4.8 pounds! Though, if we’re going by the weigh-ins at the gym, my numbers are a little different. I weighed in at 209.5 last week and then 204 this week which would make my weight loss 5.5 pounds! Either way, I’m pretty much five pounds lighter!! Praise God!! To Him be the glory, because I couldn’t have done it without Him!

I’m happy with the amount lost! My scale actually showed me closer to 200 earlier in the week, but I had muscle gain/fluid retention. That’s something that always makes me wonder a little bit and I hope that it never interferes to the point that it shows a gain because, as you know, if I gain weight I have to pay five bucks per pound!! I don’t want to have to do that! I am hoping and praying the momentum will continue, but it usually has it’s ups and downs pretty quickly after that first week of initial success. I think I was also all the more successful because prior to that, I hadn’t done anything nutrition or exercise wise in a couple weeks because of the illness I had. My scale measures body fat and my percentage is down by 1.4% so I am happy about that! ;)

I’m satisfied with the progress I have made in this past week. I tracked everything, and even on the days that I went over on my calories, it usually wasn’t by much and that is the one thing I have tried to be “loose” about. I’m being strict and disciplined, but I don’t want to be THAT rigid. Not only that, there are times where I really am physically hungry and as long as I’m not eating when I’m already full, I don’t worry about it too much. I also don’t worry about being perfect in every area or about total restrictions. If I go over in sodium or something, I’m not going to obsess about it or worry. If I eat ice cream or something sweet, I’m not going to feel bad. I’m not going to say I can never enjoy something that I like; I’m just not going to eat a truckload of it. In fact, there were several times where I cut things that I normally wouldn’t have, but still enjoy it. For example, I actually said “no” to cheese on my sub at Subway (which I usually don’t do). I said “no” to a large size latte and got a small with NO whipped cream and I enjoyed it slowly (usually, I get the largest and gulp it down quickly). And, probably my proudest moment, was when I went to a baby shower and ate NOTHING (that’s right! I had no chips, hot wings, cookies, OR the delicious looking chocolate cake - which I NEVER refuse!). I chewed gum and drank my water instead and then savored a delicious salad and sandwich at Panera bread afterwards (and they print the calories right on the menu and I picked low-calorie things!). Ok, so I DID eat that Baby Ruth candy bar that I won at the baby shower later on that night, but that was the first I had eaten a candy bar in a while and like I said, it’s ok to say “yes” sometimes. ;) Especially when I got 4-5 fruits and/or veggies nearly EVERY DAY and didn’t miss a day where I didn’t have my full 8 glasses of water!! ;) I was a good girl!!

Not only did I do pretty well with my food, but I did great with exercise too. Most know how much I HATE strength training, but I did it THREE times last week (lately, I had only been doing two) and cardio the rest of the days. The ONLY day I didn’t work out was Sunday. I’ve been a tad sore here and there (which is good) but I could stand to be sorer and know that I’m working all the harder. ;) That’s why I asked Blake (my trainer and team leader) to work me out hard next Monday. I used the weight machines Monday instead of going in with most of the people into the kick-boxing class (since I do Turbo Jam at home) because I wanted to get some strength done and over with for the week. I’m not a machine person (at least not for cardio exercises) but I think I like machines for strength (well, when I’m not sitting there wondering if I’m using the equipment right and having a bunch of gym rats look at me like I’m a moron! LOL).

I am looking forward to another week of success! Every morning, I read a bunch of verses to get me started and focused. I am hoping that I will start having them memorized the more I read them and that I will keep my focus on Christ where it belongs. He is my strength and He fuels me to do all that I can do. I am lost without Him! Praise God for getting me through this week!! On to the next!

One of the biggest things I look forward to (aside from seeing success at the weigh-in on Monday) is next week’s workout one-on-one with Blake. I told Blake that I viewed him as the “Jillian” and that I wanted him to let me have it next week and asked him if he would show me what to do (because thus far, no one has really gotten any “in your face“ training like I think we all expected). He said, “Ok, but you’d better bring it!” I said, “Oh, I’ll bring it!” (no,….there will be no “spirit fingers” when I bring it on!! LOL I just had to say that!). He said he was going to have me doing some P90 exercises. In fact, I’m hoping that maybe I can get that system from beachbody.com soon. I REALLY need a good (and fresh) strength training routine. He said P90X is the best, but it’s more advanced and P90 would be good for me just starting out. That’s good, because I have heard how intense P90X is and while I am not scared of the intensity, I know that my back/neck probably shouldn’t be pushed too much until maybe I’m a little more fit. I have to be sensible and listen to my body. I’m not afraid to push and be tough, but I think it will be best to start with the basic P90 as Blake said. I can’t wait to see what he’s going to have me do! LOL (Don’t worry, Shane. He’s not as frightening as Jillian! I can take it!!).

Well, that’s the lowdown!!! I’m thrilled to keep continuing on and am more encouraged and convinced that this REALLY will be the year I will get to 150!! ;) Wow! I can only imagine how much better and healthier I will be and probably how much of a difference it will make in the amount of pain I usually have to deal with. I look forward to being lighter and having a load lifted off of me! Praise God!! Also, thank you all for being supportive and cheering me on!! It means a lot to me!! God bless you!


Shane Gilreath said...

Wow, I'm really proud of you!! You've really made a commitment...one that I need to make for myself. You should add pictures to your blog. And I've been there in the gym and thinking, "am I using this right." Everyone's been there. Of course, I usually have my sister "Jillian-ing" in my ear. Something she does--that her trainer recommended--is working out twice a day: at least 30 minutes of cardio everyday, and then working different muscle groups. Then you get a workout morning and afternoon.

Melissa said...

Thanks, Shane. :)

I do strength training three times a week and cardio the rest of the time. I have thought about trying to exercise more than once a day, but I don't want to forever be sweating and taking showers all the time I guess. Though, I might consider doubling up more towards the end of this eight week period just so I can edge out the competition at the last minute. ;) We'll see!! :)

Pictures? Hmmmm, there's a thought. I probably should have taken a picture before I started, though. I guess I thought I could just look back at some of my recent pictures and then compare them with more current ones after it's over. Though, I probably should have taken one in my workout clothes at the start and then afterwards or something.

You can do it too, Shane. Get your homeless butt in gear!! Ha ha!! Don't make me get my tazer!!!!! :)