Sunday, January 31, 2010

Yesterday's Rally and March for Life

Yesterday, Mitch and I went to the annual rally and March for Life in Fort Wayne. To read highlights from the event, please read the article I posted on (and please subscribe and pass it along! Please, remember to credit me if you decide to write for them as well!). That article took me four hours to organize/compile, write, and post and I had some technical issues that made me lose it (good thing I had saved my own copy elsewhere! So much for the "auto save" feature that was supposed to prevent that!).

Since articles aren't supposed to be "bloggy" or about the writer, I saved some of the good stuff for my own blog (like these two pictures). This picture is of Cathie Humbarger and I. She works tirelessly to put together and promote events like this and she is always fighting hard for life! As some of the other speakers said, she is truly one we all look up to and a pro-life hero! ;)

This picture is of Abby Johnson and I. As you will read in my article, Abby Johnson is the Planned Parenthood worker that resigned after seeing an ultrasound aided abortion. What she saw totally changed her heart and her life! I was so honored to hear her speak and to get to talk to her in person! She is another amazing pro-life hero that is now working hard to expose Planned Parenthood and motivate others to stand strong for life!

There are a couple things that I wanted to mention that I couldn't fit into my article. One of them being that Cathie reported that we have yet another abortion provider in Fort Wayne. The glimmer of hope is that, once again, a Women's Care center has opened across the street (which has led to a lot of women coming to the "wrong door" and subsequently, getting REAL help!). ;) Praise God!!

The other thing I wanted to mention was a little bit about some of the Planned Parenthood secrets that Abby revealed. The laws and patient safety ordinances that help restrict abortions are having a positive effect on Planned Parenthoods because it's making it harder for them to operate. However, there are instances in which they are being able to skirt around the laws. Abby talked about going to NAF (National Abortion Federation) conferences as well as CAPS (the Consortium of Planned Parenthood Abortion Providers) and how they stategized to beat the system. She was right when she said you would have a hard time googling information about CAPS because it's very secretive (but I was able to find this link).

Abby said that she learned about how Planned Parenthoods were going to get around a law that said that the RU486 (abortion pill) could only be given by a doctor who administers abortion. She said that women in more rural areas didn't often get to the big city clinic where that could be done. So, they are setting up pcs, web cams, and a cash drawer in these smaller clinics to where the women sit in front of them and she gets the pill administered to her by a doctor in a totally different clinic via the web cam! He/she just simply presses a button on his computer, that is wired to the little drawer in the clinic that she's in, so that the pill is dispensed to her! The worst part about this is, these rural area girls are in danger of hemmorhaging and having blood clots because of this pill and if they have complications like that, their nearest ER could be miles away (not to mention the fact that her "administering doctor" isn't anywhere near her!). So, by the time she gets medical care, it may be too late!!

In instances where things like this occur, Abby said that Planned Parenthood doesn't even report them until 1,000 patients have experienced a problem!! So much for women's health! Not only do these women not get follow up with their "doctors" (especially doctors like these that they have never even meet in person) but they get no real patient care. Once you're done, you're done. They get you in and out and that's all you get.

This is only the tip of the iceberg! I would like to think that anyone reading this would be outraged and horrified. Even if you aren't pro-life, I would think that the fact that a corporation is acting illegally and placing people at mortal risks would be enough to get upset about. They shouldn't be allowed to get away with things like this!!

So, what can you do to help? Well, for one, you can spread the word (and even forward this blog). Write/call/e-mail your representatives and do whatever it takes to spread awareness and get the ball rolling!! If we band together, we can get it done!! God bless you all!!


Carla said...

Excellent job!! You go girl!! Love you, Carla

Shane Gilreath said...

Kudos on the efforts! I hope these events have speakers who have had abortions, and experienced the after-effects of that decisions. Those are strong, strong testimonies from would be/should be mothers AND fathers!

Rick said...

I enjoyed the post. I'm a 78 year old male, semi-retired pastor, and I linked your web site to my pro-life blog.



Melissa said...

Thanks, Carla! :) You are one of my heroes, you know that?! :) Oh, and did you notice in the article that I posted on that I used that link you posted on Facebook about fathers and abortion? :)

Yes, Shane, there were testimonies from women who had abortions (did you see the article/pictures on that I wrote?). I remember last year, a man spoke and shared as well.

Hello, Rick! Nice to meet you, and thank you for linking me to your page! :)