Friday, March 7, 2008

Before I Leave Today...

Well, we are on our way to Tennessee today!! Please, pray for good health and safety as we travel. Also, pray that God will bless our time together and that even in the midst of fun and relaxation, God would do wondrous things in us and among us!! We may be taking a break from the every day things, but we aren’t taking a break from God!! I pray that no matter where I am or where I go, I can be a testament to His love and that people will see Him in me.

Just a few random things before I depart….

I would like to remind everyone that today is the monthly call for life. Please, take a few moments to participate!! Visit their website to see how to do so!! I already did it yesterday - since I will be on the road today.

Speaking of the call for life, I am thinking of one of my unspoken requests today. It resulted from the call for life campaign, and I would like to ask for your continued prayers for that request. Hopefully, I will be able to disclose what this request is sometime. The more you pray, the sooner we will see answers!! Thanks!!

On a side note, I almost forgot to blog about Dawn Eden’s appearance on the “Today” show. I can’t stand that show, but I watched it since she was on and she did a great job!! For those of you that don’t know, Dawn Eden is a friend of mine, and I had a guest post on her blog last year - pertaining to the call for life. She is the author of “The Thrill of the Chaste” and will soon have another book on the shelves to compliment that one. Check out her links, and also take some time to watch her You Tube videos. You’ll especially love the one I have on my myspace page. It’s a “chastity” song!! Keep up the good work Dawn!!

One final thing before I leave…….

Next weekend is our church’s 33 hours of prayer. Each hour is in honor of Jesus’ 33 years on Earth. Many of us have a one hour time slot to “keep watch” and pray. (I have my time set up for when I return next weekend). The theme in the prayer room is, “Amazing Grace: My Chains Are Gone.” So, in honor of that, I wrote a sonnet. God really let the words flow freely from me as I wrote it last night. I hope that it will bless someone. God bless you all and I will see you when I return!!

Total Surrender

Link by link I have made this chain.
Each link is a bondage I bear.
I could be free, if I would call upon His Name.
Yet, still, this chain I will continue to wear.
Day by day, I carry this heavy load.
My pride refuses to let go.
And so, I keep dragging this chain…as I walk life's road;
Though, it burdens me so.
I surrender, at last, when I can bear it no more.
The weight is lifted from me.
What kept me from doing this before?
Why was it that I just couldn't see?
Total surrender is what dissolved my chains; and allowed Jesus to heal my heart.
On your knees is the best place to be; and where your healing will get its start.

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