Sunday, March 16, 2008

I'm Back! :)

Hey everyone!!

Well, I am back from vacation!! Did you miss me? LOL Well, I’m sure some of you did and some of you didn’t. Some of you might even be like, “oh, were you gone?” LOL

Anyways,…..yeah, I’m back and have a lot to blog about in regards to my vacation. I will get around to that fairly soon. But first, I will have to compose and post the sermon from church today (oh boy was it ever good!) plus, listen to the sermon I missed last Sunday and write a blog on that one too. Then, I will get around to blogging about vacation. I got a lot of good thoughts on my heart that I want to share!!

But, until then, I will just blog about a few things before I compose the sermon blogs and everything else…….

For one, I’d like to ask for your prayers. Casey broke out in a very bad rash the day before we left to come home. They had to give him a steroid shot and he’s also on zyrtec, antibiotics, and some liquid steroids. We don’t know what caused the rash for sure yet. The doctor we seen said it probably isn’t a food allergy since he didn’t eat anything he doesn’t normally eat. He said it likely either a bacterial/viral infection or some sort of outdoor allergy. It looks like it might be an outdoor thing because the stuff to control the histamine reaction has helped (praise God!). But, we should know more soon. We are going to call his pediatrician tomorrow and see what she wants to do about it all. They’ll probably do blood tests or something. I don’t know. So, just pray that they can figure out what’s going on. I took pictures of the breakout on his face. I will upload those pictures (as well as the rest of my vacation pictures and such) as soon as possible and provide picture links as soon as I can.

That’s the main thing I wanted to say at the moment. I have to work on the sermon blogs now. (Yes, Marie. I know you depend on them!! I’m gonna get crackin’ on it!! LOL). So, I will be posting blogs and uploading pictures and all that as soon as possible. Be patient with me as I get caught up and back into the swing of things. ;) I’m bombarded with lots of things to do at the moment - including memorizing a part for the last minute Easter play/skit at church. So, pray that we can get things together at our ONE practice this Thursday and that things will go well. It’s supposedly a short little skit and we don’t have that much to memorize and can add lib easily. Hopefully, I will be able to get video of that and upload it to You Tube (much like I promised with the Christmas Eve drama I was in - don’t worry…I haven’t forgotten about that!! I just need to get a program to help me with that before I upload it. Sorry that it’s taking so long!! I hope to get that done soon!).

So, as you can see, I have projects/blogs/etc. backed up. I haven’t forgotten about any of the things I said I was going to write, upload, etc. I WILL get it done. I ask for your patience, prayers, and understanding as I do so. It‘s only some of the many things that I have on my “to do“ list - and trying to balance, organize, and prioritize is still something that I struggle with. I‘m not superwoman - contrary to what some people think! LOL I’m not kidding, people!! I really don’t have it altogether!! Those of you that tell me that I do or think that I do so well with this or that, you have no idea how hard it is for me and how much is still yet undone!! I do my best, but that’s all I can do. I will make mistakes and I will have failures. But, true failure is not even trying (or doing nothing at all). In that regard, I have not failed because I am trying to do my best. I pray that Jesus will fill in the areas that I am weak and that he will give me the strength and endurance to accomplish His will and continue to use my gifts and talents for Him and to help others!! I truly love all of you and I continue to share/blog in the hopes that my talents and gifts will bless and enrich others’ lives. Forgive me when I fall short and don’t meet your expectations….though it‘s bound to happen at one time or another. I’ll keep trying my best!! God bless you all!!

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