Tuesday, March 25, 2008

National Pro-Life T-Shirt Day: April 29, 2008

I just wanted to let everyone know that the sixth annual pro-life t-shirt day is coming up!! It’s April 29, 2008. Go to the national pro-life t-shirt day website to order your t-shirt and sign the pledge to participate. The shirt is only $6.50 plush s&h (WOW!! GREAT DEAL and affordable for everyone!!). Mitch and I have already ordered ours!! Make sure you order yours by April 14, 2008 to ensure you get the shirt in time!! Of course, if you don’t want to order a shirt, you can always wear another pro-life t-shirt that you have in your closet to help promote that day (I have a ton of them in my own closet!! LOL).

So, PLEASE visit the site!! View and order the shirt, pledge to participate, spread the word, and stand for LIFE!!!! Also, watch this You Tube video promotion of pro-life t-shirt day.

Keep being a voice everyone!!! Let’s keep standing up and speaking out for those who can’t speak for themselves. Just like in “Horton Hears A Who”…. “a person’s a person, no matter how small.” Oh, in case you didn‘t know, the late Dr. Seuss, (and his wife) abhor the fact that that phrase is used by the pro-life movement - and have forbid them to do so. Gee, how touching!! Instead of protecting children who could be future little readers of his books, he would rather kill them off and give money to Planned Parenthood. How sad!!! Oh, and that further reminds me….I will be composing and posting my review of the “Horton Hears A Who” movie as soon as I can!! God bless you all!!

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