Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Final "Fit Life" Results

Alright, people! I said I would let you all know when I had the final Fit Life results and here they are! The overall biggest loser was one of my teammates, Gina!! She lost 33.5 pounds and 13.5% of her body weight!! Way to go Gina!! That’s awesome! So glad that someone on our team was the “biggest loser”! 

Speaking of teams, the overall winning team was the black team. I don’t know about anyone else, but that took me by surprise! I had thought that our team (blue) and the yellow team were neck and neck for first (so I have no idea where the black team came from) but congratulations! I’m not sure what place our team got, but I’m proud of our team regardless. 

This week has felt a little more relaxing now that I don’t have to think about a weigh-in (well, other than my own personal weigh-ins). Do you know what I did (well, didn’t do) on Monday? I DID NOT WORKOUT! Not only did I not feel like it (had a headache) but I just wanted to finally take a rest day. Oddly enough, however, I felt really strange doing that. I felt very bothered; like I was being lazy. I also had a tinge of fear that taking the day off was going to bring my momentum to a screeching halt and turn on my rebellious streak of “I’m just going to do whatever for a while.” Dangerous!! However, I DID workout Tuesday and Wednesday, and am going to for the rest of this week. Sunday will be my next rest day, because I will be going to the Galilean Home that day and will be on the road. I might try to workout while I’m there, but it’s obviously not going to be my main priority. All I’m hoping for is that “vacation mode” won’t undo all my progress thus far! It takes SO LONG to lose the weight, but gaining it back happens about as soon as you can blink your eyes (well, for me it does!). 

Well, that’s all I got for ya! The only other thing I have to say is a totally off topic mention of the recent article I wrote for about Saint Patrick’s day. Please feel free to read and subscribe! I hope you enjoy it! Oh, and a big “thank you” to Cy and Lisa for inviting us to their big bash! ;) I have never eaten so much green food in my life lol! Ya’ll are my kind of people! So much fun!! 

God bless you all, and thank you for all your support!! 


Shane Gilreath said...

Green food? Like...dyed food?

Glad your team had a lot of success, win or lose!

Melissa said...

LOL Yeah....everything had to be green! There were green baked potatoes and green butter and sour cream to put on it. ;) Also, I made chocolate cupcakes with green frosting and lucky charms on top lol. I also brought deviled eggs (and dyed the yolks green). :) They even dyed the apple juice, water, and milk green. I think my kids were really scared to eat their food lol. They didn't eat much at all. I'm going to upload and post pictures soon. ;)

Yeah, I am super proud of my team! :)

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