Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Going "Home" For Vacation

Guess what?! Spring is almost here! Yay! Not only that, but SPRING BREAK TOO!! So, do you have plans for Spring Break? If not, maybe you will now!!

On Sunday, March 21st, my family and I will be going to The Galilean Children’s Home in Liberty, Kentucky. You might remember me talking about it before (I blogged about my first trip last June.Click here to read about it!). Ever since I went the first time, I have been aching to go back!

Maybe most people don’t think of mission trips as a “vacation” (or maybe they think of it as a “working vacation”). However, if you read some of the definitions of the word, you’ll find that it means many things. It’s a “respite”; a break from your every day life. It’s a period of time in which normal every-day activities are “suspended”. You are away from home and visiting someplace else. It doesn’t necessarily have to be an exotic beach get-away with umbrella drinks in order to be satisfying and relaxing.

I am truly looking forward to my “respite” from my typical activities! Though, in some ways, it will be much of the same. I will be taking care of kids (babies, to be more precise! Yay!). Ordinarily, I probably wouldn’t consider it much of a break from my typical life, but as I’ve said before, there’s nothing typical about The Galilean Children’s Home. When you’re there, you never feel like you are “working” in any sense of the word. You are serving; there’s a difference. And, while you’re serving, you are enjoying every minute of it because the fellowship and atmosphere is so sweet! There are few (if any) distractions, and it’s peaceful there. There is so much Christian unity and love there, and that’s what I love most about that place! More often than not, it feels like you are “home” in a sense that you have always known, yet, never known. I imagine that that’s how we will feel when we get to heaven; that we have always lived and belonged there, even though we hadn’t been there until that moment. Your heart just knows what “home” really is, and when you’re there, nothing else matters. Furthermore, your heart never forgets it and it longs to be there when you are absent from it. It’s why I have longed to go back “home” ever since I left!

If you think I’m exaggerating, come see for yourself!! If you are interested in going, let me know!! L.A. Brown, who is coordinating this trip, will be finalizing details with me in soon. The basic plan, right now, is that we will be leaving on Sunday (the 21st) after the second service at Life Church (about 12:00 p.m.). We will return the following Sunday (the 28th) in the afternoon or early evening.

Trust me, people, you will always remember the time you spent your “Spring Break” at The Galilean Children’s Home! It will be one “vacation” you will never forget!! Whether you are loving and caring for babies and kids, hanging out and/or caring for the disabled kids/adults, or building/fixing things that need attention on the grounds, you will feel AMAZING knowing that you are doing Kingdom work! Not only will you be ministering to them, but they will most certainly minister to you in ways that you’ll never see coming!! I can’t even begin to describe to you how much I feel I have grown in faith and character since going there (and I can’t wait to recharge my batteries!). God moves in amazing ways! I can’t wait to see what He does this time (and to have my family with me is all the sweeter!!).

Please give this some prayerful consideration!! I hope you can join us!! Oh, and my friend Maggie (who is currently down there) will be riding home with us!! Yay!! I can’t wait to see her (and to have another road trip with her lol!). I am SUPER EXCITED about all the people that I’ll get to see and all the many more memories that we’re sure to make!! I hope to share many of those memories with YOU, so let me know!! God bless you all!!

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