Monday, March 15, 2010

My "Fit Life" Finale

Tonight was the last Fit Life weigh-in; and I’m relieved, to say the least! This challenge/competition has been great, but I’m glad that it’s over!! Even though it was a great jump start, motivation, and means of some accountability, it sometimes felt like a lot of pressure. After all, no one likes to gain a pound and bring down their team or feel like they are ever a disappointment for not losing as much as others. It’s been a good experience, but I would probably think twice before doing something like that again.

I don’t know when we will know which team (and individual) is the winner, but all I know is that I am SUPER PROUD of my team! Everyone pretty much did their part and that’s why we have always been in 1st or 2nd place from week to week. I can’t wait to see how we finish out! Way to go team; and thank you, Blake, for your help as well!! I hope we “brought it” and brought it well!! We strived to be a “jacker-free” team! LOL! I hope we made you proud!

I’ll post the final results when I know, but for now I will just post my own results. If we’re going by my own scale, it’s as follows:

Starting weight: 207
Ending weight: 193.2
Pounds lost: 13.8
Weight-loss percentage: 6.66% (Ew! I wish I could have 7.77% or something!)

Fit Life weigh-ins at the gym:

Starting weight: 209.5
Ending weight: 193
Pounds lost: 16.5
Weight-loss percentage: 7.88%

There’s only one catch. The first weigh-in that we had was botched because we all weighed in on different scales and some of them weren’t functioning correctly. So, the second weigh-in that we had is what we’re counting as the starting point. It’s a REAL BUMMER for most of us who lost the most between that first and second weigh-in (yeah, like me!). So, that means that my numbers are:

Starting weight: 204
Ending weight: 193
Pounds lost: 11
Weight-loss percentage: 5.39%

Regardless, I do feel that I did a good job. I gave it my all and it got me moving steadily in the right direction after being stalled in my progress for quite some time. I had hoped that I would lose 10-15 pounds during this challenge and I am proud to say that I did! Thank you, Jesus! All glory to God!!

Thirteen pounds is a great start this year, but I still got forty-three pounds left to lose! Even though it often seems like this is going to take forever (or that I’ll never make it) I know I will - eventually. I just hope that it will finally be this year! January 2007 was when I started getting really serious about losing weight, and yet, here I am in 2010 still trying to “get there”. I should have already gotten there by now! Though, in these three years, I think I have learned a lot and that I’m better equipped and able to finally reach that goal of 150 that always seems so far away! A lot of “trial and error” goes a long way! Sometimes, it takes time to learn what does and doesn’t work for you. Nothing is “one-size-fits-all”. You really do have to find the balance that works for your body, and it takes accomplishments (as well as failures) to find it. Even then, you’re still always changing and reworking; hoping and praying that God will help you to get it figured out! Yeah, if it weren’t for Jesus, I wouldn’t have any success at all!!

For now, at least, I’m just happy that I’m almost to the 180’s (again!). For some reason, I have never been able to get beyond that. The closest I got was in the fall of 2007 when I got to 178, but that didn’t last long. Now you all probably know that being an “80’s child”, I really do love and appreciate the 80’s so much! However, THESE 80’s aren’t the kind I want to cling to and remember fondly lol. Even though I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again…I’m glad to be out of the 200’s and to soon be out of the 190’s (and to not go back again, and again,…). I really want to “get out and stay out” this time.

One last thing that I would like to share (and give God some praise for) is for the fact that I went to an endocrinologist and got a bunch of tests run. They FINALLY found out what my big problem is (and surprisingly, it wasn’t wheat/gluten as I had suspected - and THANK GOD FOR THAT!). You know what it is? It’s a vitamin D deficiency!! Oh my gosh, now that I know, it seems so obvious! I mean, seriously, in the winters I get more moody than normal (seasonal affective disorder). I knew that it’s because of decreased sunlight and I knew that vitamin D was the element in sunlight that we all need. Yet, it STILL didn’t dawn on me to take a vitamin D pill (or maybe I just didn’t think I needed to since I take a multi-vitamin). So, the doctor put me on a high dosage of vitamin D to take for a month, and then I will take an OTC vitamin after that. Hopefully, I will see some real improvement in my energy level, and my pain and fatigue will decrease. I feel relieved, as well as hopeful, that I will finally start feeling better very soon!! Hallelujah!!

Well, that’s my update for this week! Thank you, everyone, for reading and supporting me!! I will continue to keep you posted on my ongoing progress, because this journey sure isn’t over yet!! I’m going to keep the momentum going!! God bless you all!


Shane Gilreath said...

Great job! Very proud of you (and your team, whom I don't know, but proud anyway)! Also, impressed that everyone seemed to be this healthily, and not get into a competitive mode that might have been dangerous...which is, no doubt, what I would have done. Been die hard for however long this challenged lasted.

And I have another friend who was just telling me about a Vitamin D deficiency. Something's up! Maybe it was the horrible winter....

Melissa said...

Thank you, Shane! You're definitely one of my greatest cheerleaders! :) I appreciate all your encouragement!

If we win the money to split among the team, I will be very happy to do so; knowing that everyone gave their all (well, except for maybe one).

In my view, it didn't seem to be too intensely competitive. Everyone seemed to realize that the goal, above all else, is to get healthy and glorify God. Oh, and this started back in mid January. It was like a two month thing.

Thank goodness spring is almost "officially" here,... right, Shane? :)

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Shane Gilreath said...

Officially...yes, officially