Sunday, January 27, 2008

The First Limerick

I just raised my first contribution amount for the Huckabee campaign as a Huckabee Ranger. Therefore, I wrote the limerick I promised to write to anyone who contributes to the campaign using my specially assigned Huckabee Ranger link (here is my special donor id code for you to type in the box in case the link gives you trouble or doesn‘t put it in the donor id box for you: R10165 Please, use this code when you contribute at ). Thanks for using the code and when you do, let me know and I will write you a limerick too. Oh, and if you want to be a ranger too, just sign up on Mike’s site and use my ranger id as the referral. ;) Thanks!!

So, to my loyal Huckabee friends, Steve and Renee, here is your limerick!!

I have two friends; Steve and Renee
They are special people that God sent my way.
They stand for faith and morality
That’s why they back Mike Huckabee
Thank you so much for contributing today!!

Also, here is Steve and Renee’s myspace page: Please check out their music; especially the song “A Woman’s Right to Choose? (Satan‘s Little Lie)” Here is the story behind the song, as well as the lyrics. Abortion truly is one of Satan’s little lies (actually a rather BIG lie). And, that lie brings women a lot of pain and regret. My heart breaks for the women who are hurting from Satan’s lie. I pray for their healing in Jesus name! There is no condemnation for you!! (Romans 8:1)

God bless you Steve and Renee!! Keep on loving the Lord and doing His will!! Thank you for standing with me in supporting Mike Huckabee!!

“Back in 1998, we were living and working in Charlotte, NC. It was during the year we were dating and my husband, who had a music career back in the late 60's and 70's (even played with Bruce Springsteen in his former life) was not yet a Christian. He asked me out and I told him I would go out with him if he would go to church with me. So, he began going and soon after became a Christian. One Sunday we were at church and a woman in her 60's got up to give her testimony. She was absolutely haunted by the fact that at 17, unwed and pregnant, she had an abortion. She said she listened to "Satan's little lie", and had not had a day of peace since, even though she later became a Christian. She just could not erase the horror of what she had done. Well, my husband immediately wrote down that tag line...."Satan's Little Lie". He went home that day and later shared with me the song he had written, or as he says the song God spoke....he just wrote it down on the paper and put it to music.We pray that all who hear those lyrics will be touched and know that Satan's pull can entice people to do all sorts of things in the moment that they will suffer for a lifetime.”

A WOMAN'S RIGHT TO CHOOSE?(Satan's Little Lie)

A woman's right to choose,
Doesn't mean a child should loose,
The right to look into her Father's eye.
When a mother's overwhelmed,
By the life within her realm,
Tell her just who life is consecrated by,
Don't let her give in to Satan's little lie.

First of all, she was not a woman.
She was a child living well beyond her years.
She was trading lust for love,
Without a blessing from Above,
Left harboring the guilt...and the adolescent fears.


Secondly, she never had the right,
To choose between God's creation and the death,
Of a child in her womb,
That in time would very soon,
Be bathing in the Light...and taking it's first breath!


(You'll be told, no one cares, You're in and out, don't be scared. You feel no love, you feel no pain, It's just another two lives...down the drain.)

Last of all, she already made a choice.
When her passion overruled reality,
When she chose to consummate
It was too little and too late,
To hope the cause and the effect...would never be.


Our Father's Folk (c) 2005 steve large Music, BMI(c) 2008 the MusicMission Music Group

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