Saturday, January 5, 2008

Will You "Get In"?

Last night, one of my friends and I went to see a movie. It’s funny, because I almost missed out on seeing it with her because I lost my ticket!! We had bought the tickets and then had some time to kill before the movie started. So, we went shopping and came back. I had the ticket in my hand (or so I thought) as I was fiddling with some stuff in the van before we got out to walk up to the theater. So, somehow in that time frame, I misplaced it. We looked and looked and we couldn’t find it.

We decided to go on in and see if they would let me in anyways. The guy taking tickets told me that if the gal at the ticket booth remembered me, then he would let me in. I went and told her that I couldn’t find my ticket, and she said ok and told the guy that it was alright. So, he let us through.

When I thought about the situation later, it was so much more meaningful to me because I thought of how it might be in heaven when we are standing at the gate waiting to get in. God will ask for our “ticket” but what will we have to give him? Our own righteousness and works don’t get us in. We can’t “buy” or earn our own admission into heaven. So, if we think than any kind of money, riches, or even fame on Earth is going to get us in, we are going to be embarrassed, stunned, and dismayed when we end up standing there before God devoid of any real ticket to get us into eternity. Oh, how awful it would be to be turned away!!

So, what then? What’s the “ticket taker” [God] going to say? “If my Son remembers you, I will let you in.”

JESUS is our ticket into heaven!! HE paid the price of our admission!! So, if we knew Him well on Earth, He will remember us and let us into heaven when our life on Earth is over. But, if we didn’t, we’re out of luck and will be turned away. We MUST know Him NOW if we want to spend eternity with Him LATER!

So, do you have your ticket? I DO!! There’s an endless supply of tickets available to anyone and everyone who wants one; and they are FREE…..paid in full by Jesus Christ!! All we have to do is request it and accept it!!

And what of those who try to come in another “way” or “sneak in” to heaven? How tragic and frightening it’s going to be for them when they hear Jesus say the dreaded words “I never knew you.” (Matthew 7:23)

Jesus is the ONLY WAY; the truth and the life!! (John 14:6). There is NO ONE ELSE that can remember you and say, “He’s ok. Let him in!” Buddha can’t do that for you; Muhammed can’t do that for you; YOU can’t even do it! Jesus is the ONLY one who can tell the Father to let you in since He is the one and only Son of God; by whom you would be recognized as a child of God by the blood of His sacrifice!

There is no “back door” or sneaking past the “ticket taker.“ There’s no way to squeak by or “bargain” once your life is over!! Jesus is the one and only way to get a one way pass to eternity. If He doesn’t remember you, you’re not going to get through to see the “feature presentation” of eternity. Get your ticket NOW, because once your life is over the box office is CLOSED and you‘ll be forever stuck in a horror movie instead of having a “happily ever after“!!

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