Friday, January 25, 2008

Melissa Becomes A Ranger

Tomorrow, my family and I will be participating in the march for life in Fort Wayne. If you live in this area, we hope to see you there!! Keep praying everyone!! The more we pray and the more we stand up for life, the sooner we can overturn Roe Vs. Wade!!

Which brings me to my next item of business which is how we can help accomplish that goal and bring justice to the smallest of human beings. We can do that by voting for people who are passionate about defending life and will do everything they can to save lives. That‘s why I’m supporting and voting for Mike Huckabee!!

Mike Huckabee is one hundred percent pro-life!! This, among many reasons, is why I support him so strongly. In fact, I became a Huckabee Ranger on his website today. And, as a Huckabee Ranger, I can and will be making phone calls to voters on behalf of the campaign. And, they also ask us to help raise funds. The minimum goal is set to $100.00. Now, I like to think bigger, and I was going to raise my goal, but I do understand that funds can be tight (boy do I ever know that!). I also understand that many people probably don’t think too much about donating to a political campaign. As a matter of fact, I hadn’t donated to a campaign before until last year when I initially supported Sam Brownback. However, when I heard about Huckabee, I just fell in love lol. I totally *heart* Huckabee!! He won me over immediately because of his faith, character, experience, values, ideas, as well as his wisdom, wit, and humor. Mike Huckabee has the whole package!! This country desperately needs his leadership!!

After learning about Huckabee, I eagerly jumped on the bandwagon - even before most got on!! Many said that he wouldn’t get the funds or the support to be a “front runner” and that he was “the dark horse.” Well, that just goes to show you what a lot of committed supporters, bloggers, and prayer warriors can do!! (Am I right people?!! AMEN!!)

So, in order for this campaign to keep on running and keeping up with the other candidates, Mike has to have funds coming in from die-hard Americans who are committed to protecting our faith, freedom, and families. The funds go for lots of various things, such as valuable air time on television and radio. Mike is a man who makes the most of every dollar and he does things constructively (which is why he wants to get rid of the IRS so we can make more out of our own money too!) It’s all about getting the word out and informing voters of who he is and what he has to offer this great nation when he’s elected president. All the while, he maintains an unmatched level of respect and integrity by refusing to attack and slander the other candidates; despite their own efforts to tarnish Mike’s honorable reputation and spread vicious and twisted lies in order to make themselves look good. (Where I come from, we call people like that bullies). You sure have to admire a man who decides not to fight dirty and instead, turns the other cheek!! Isn’t that the kind of man we want to elect vs. the kind of men (and ahem, a certain unnamed woman) who like to tear others down and lie about others just to build themselves up and deceive their way into leadership? I don’t know about you, but I want a man of honesty and integrity in office and the only one I see that most closely resembles that description is Mike Huckabee.

So, if you agree with me, would you please consider even donating just a buck for Huck? All you have to do is click on the link provided in order to donate on his secure website and have it credited to my fundraising amount. I need to raise at LEAST $100.00. Though, I hope to raise more!! I have it at the minimum, but please, prove me wrong and show me that I should have thought bigger to begin with!! ;) Show me and show Mike that we are behind him one hundred percent!! And, if you too are a die-hard “Huckagirl” (or a Huck of a guy!) please join with me in spreading the word. Tell your friends; write some blogs; send some e-mails; donate some dollars; buy and wear a t-shirt; put out a yard sign; display a bumper sticker; become a Huckabee Ranger; or do whatever you can to help!! If nothing else, at least pray hard for Mike Huckabee!! That alone is a powerful thing!!

Let’s band together everyone!! PLEASE help me raise some bucks for Huck!! In fact, if it will motivate you, I’ll even write you a limerick (a cute five line poem) and post it on my blog if you do!! But, you gotta click on my link and donate AT LEAST a buck!! Then, send me a message and let me know that you supported our man Mike and I’ll write that limerick!!

Thank you so very much!! God bless you; God bless Mike; and God bless America!!!

(**NOTE** I have already received a couplel messages saying that the link doesn't come up right or that my referral id isn't there. So, if you have this problem, type in this donor code on the donation page when you make your contribution: R10165 Thanks!!)

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