Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Parables: The Original "Aesop's Fables"

As I mentioned in my previous blog, Chad began talking about the “parable of the sower”. (See Matthew 13:1-23). I foresee this as being a very enlightening and transforming new series! I can’t wait for next week!

Chad explained that a parable is an “earthly story about heavenly things”. Jesus often compared the every day things, that people could understand, to the principles of God as an effective means of getting through to them. And, in Jesus’ time, parables were particularly spoken and not written. He often told them in front of large crowds and they had an immediate impact and an intentional point. Sometimes, the message wasn’t always “obvious” - and sometimes, He even had to explain them to His disciples afterwards. Nevertheless, parables were always Jesus’ way of getting people to respond to God’s truth by discovering it for themselves in the every day things.

Maybe that is why God wired me the same way. I tend to see God in every little circumstance. Everything I experience in my life seems to have a “lesson” to it and I can find a direct analogy within everything. Being able to see things that way always brings me closer in my walk with God. I have had several friends comment on the fact that I happen to always find the pearl of wisdom within all my “adventures.” ;) It’s true. I do. I just can’t seem to avoid it. These correlations just seem to come to my mind naturally. I don‘t mind it, though, and I LOVE to be able to write it down and share it with others. It‘s my hope that in sharing the things that God speaks to me in my every day life, He‘s able to speak to others too when I share it. We’re all learning and growing together!!

This brings me to another important point of Chad’s message. He illustrated how the bigger picture of God’s impact looks. On one side, you have God’s Word and its intended impact. On the other side you have the actual impact and its affects on people. The channel inbetween the two is the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit works through people and things to bring God’s message in unique ways to the people receiving it.

God’s messages always have a solid point and an intentional impact. But, “results may vary” because everyone interprets things differently when they hear/see it presented to them. Sometimes, there is “noise” that gets in the way. There are a lot of things clamoring for our attention and we sometimes get distracted and dissuaded from what we are supposed to learn. The every day stresses and “stuff” of our lives (as well as the interference from Satan) has a lot to do with that. He does everything he can to corrupt the message and dilute its potential impact.

In the messages to come, Chad is going to dig deep into the “noise” and into the different kinds of ground that the sower’s seeds fall onto. I’m really looking forward to these in-depth messages!! I’m sure that it will be a lot of food for thought. So, until next time everyone!!

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