Wednesday, January 14, 2009

He's Snow Wonderful!

IT’S SNOWING!!!! I know, I know. Many of you are groaning and saying, “Duh! What else is new? I wish it would stop already!” While snow does have it’s negative effects (slippery roads, inconvenience, etc.) I couldn’t help but notice the intricate beauty of the snowfall today.

As I hurried in the cold to get Gianna into the van after the Mom Life meeting, I was awestruck as I beheld the pure elegance of snow accumulating all around me. Then, as I looked at my coat, I saw that the huge snowflakes that had fallen were clearly defined in great detail!! I was in absolute awe as I narrowed my eyes to look closely at all the bold details. Usually, you just see little wet dots that look like specks of dandruff, but these were not like that at all!! I could clearly see shapes and designs!! Even in the mass clusters on the van windows, you could see all the individual flakes as they stuck together in all that fluffy snow dust. I don’t recall ever seeing snow like that before! We all know that snowflakes are uniquely and intricately designed (and no two are alike) but how often do we really observe it for ourselves like that?

I took joy in beholding all the simple and wonderful sights. Relishing the moment, I forgot all about the “bad weather”, the frigid cold, and the crappy gloves that did little to protect my hands as I scraped my vehicle windows. My heart was excited and overwhelmed by what I knew to be a precious blessing from my heavenly Father: one of those “be still and know” moments where all that exists is you, God, and your intense awareness of His sovereignty and greatness. I felt His peace flood my soul.

As I drove home, I just took it all in. The amount of snow on the road forced me to be careful and slow, which I didn’t mind at all. I relished being a little bit “pokey” because I was just so blessed by the complexities and details of everything around me. When I got home, my neighbor (who was graciously shoveling everyone‘s walkways) echoed the other thought I had in my mind as I stood in my driveway taking it all in: “a big bang didn‘t create this.” AMEN! Nothing you see here was created by something blowing up! NOTHING gets created by exploding; it gets destroyed. Duh!! ;) I AM SO IN AWE OF MY CREATOR!! PRAISE HIM!!

In the midst of all these wondrous thoughts, God showed me a perfect illustration. Each snowflake is so individually different. Yet, when they all come together, they create a smooth and uniform blanket of white glistening perfection. Even then, if you zoom in on one, you can see their distinctions once again. God brought 1 Corinthians 12:12 to my mind: “For as the body is one, and hath many members, and all the members of that one body, being many, are one body: so also is Christ.”

Every single one of us is a uniquely crafted “snowflake.” We have different allocations and attributes, but we all have purpose. The beauty of our calling is stunning when you look at us one by one, but when we all work together, we shine radiantly and collectively as one in the body of Christ! All clumped together, we make a beautiful blanket of pure white snow!

Have a “be still and know” moment today! Rest in the fact that God created you beautifully and uniquely!! Your uniqueness is exquisite and one-of-a-kind!! You matter and you have purpose!! If the devil or anyone tries to tell you differently, reject that lying garbage! We’re all a part of that beautiful blanket of snow, and EVERY snowflake is needed to make that blanket and reflect the beauty of Christ! If you aren‘t part of that blanket, it will look a little patchy and holey (like the unfilled areas of my van windows). So, let it snow! Let it SNOW! LET IT SNOW!!!! (Sorry, I couldn’t resist! LOL).

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Carla said...

I hope you have a great turnout for your march!!! In light of the new administration we have our work cut out for us!!
I gotta go make my list and check it twice for Wash.DC. Will be going with my Operation Outcry ladies!
God bless you! Keep fighting the good fight!
I love exclamation points!! :)