Friday, July 10, 2009

My Birthday Blog

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged. I’ve had a lot going on and haven’t been online to blog as much. So, I thought I would post something a little fun and interesting (and maybe a little off-the-wall) to lighten the mood a little. Ya’ll don’t know about how weird I can be do ya?! Ha ha!! This blog is about my birthday (which was Tuesday). I’m 27 now.…… (yeah, I’m just a baby, I know lol).

Prior to my birthday, I was a little on the down side. Ok, a LOT on the down side (but that‘s a long and complicated story and who cares anyways?!). In fact, my friend Jama actually got worried when I wasn’t online for a couple days (she actually wondered if I died - no joke!). ;) But, I’m alive and well…..well, for the most part lol. And, she and I did go out for my birthday as we planned (gosh I love girly time!!). We had some Chinese food and then we went to see a movie: “The Proposal”. Overall, the movie was pretty good and was pretty funny. Though, there were a few (shall I say, “inappropriate”) moments that we could have done without (we wanted to gag….ew! But, I won’t talk about it because it’s too disturbing lol!). At least one of the highlights was all the cool things we got to wear Sandra Bullock wear or carry “hey, look at that handbag”….or…”oh my gosh, I love those shoes!” And, I also gave Jama a hard time about not going to see “Confessions of a Shopaholic” with me when it was in theaters. She REALLY missed some fashion eye-candy there!! Well, at least it’s on DVD now; it’s fun and hilarious (in my opinion). ;)

Oh, and speaking of fashion, here’s the link to the charity fashion show she’s organizing for the Salvation Army: . If you can, come support the event! Who knows, you might even see someone you know on the runway (click on the link I cited and then click on “models“ to the left). ;)

Ok, now that I have cleverly embedded that little promo for the show into my blog, back to my original topic. ;)

After the movie, we went to Starbucks. We sipped our coffee outside and chatted it up for a while before calling it a night. Yeah, the fun has to end sometime (I just hate that!). Though, I was so grateful for the fun time we had; and for the BEAUTIFUL Anne Geddes book that she gave me that is just FILLED with gorgeous photos of babies!! Yes, what a perfect present for me! Isn’t she awesome?! Jama, you’re the best! You freakin’ rock you gorgeous diva you!! OXOXO

Speaking of presents, there are a few more things that I got that day that were also pretty awesome. I got lots of birthday wishes from so many people on Facebook (and some on myspace too). *Sigh* I felt the love (even from the belated wishes)!! “You like me, you really like me!!!” ;) Thanks, everyone!! And, I got a beautiful picture frame from Holly (with a picture of her and I in it). It says, “Smile, you have a friend” on it. I see it every day in my living room. It‘s the perfect reminder of how blessed I am; especially on the days (usually PMS days) where I can sometimes get into an “I hate the world” mode and forget that I have so many awesome friends! ;) So, THANK YOU, Holly, for that!!

Also, a big thanks to my family for the cards and gifts of cash/gift cards (and to Mom for my necklace!). I used my gift card from my bro to get a couple movies on Have you ever heard of “Savannah Smiles” or “Wild Hearts Can’t Be Broken”? Yeah, CLASSICS!! They’re sweet, inspiring, and fun!! Can’t wait to get those in the mail! And, I can’t wait to read the boxed set of C.S. Lewis books that I bought with some of my birthday money! Gosh, he’s so brilliant!! Normally, I probably would have bought clothes or something, but clothes wear out or lose their luster. Knowledge lasts much longer; hence the books! I also got a book on the bargain pile that caught my eye: “Jesus in Blue Jeans”. It’s short little chapters about Jesus’ poise, perspective, passion, and power (and how to be more like Him). I’m reading it day by day like a devotional and it’s AMAZING! I’m lovin’ it!! Our small group is also doing “The Lord’s Table” (about weight management) so I got LOTS of reading to do each day, but it’s all good! I’m foreseeing some spiritual growth spurts! Glory hallelujah! ;)

I got a few other little things (like a totally awesome scarf, and some earrings and stuff at Claire’s) but what really took the cake was something that wasn’t a cake at all. I didn’t have a birthday cake, for my birthday….however, what I had was MUCH better!! For one, my Grandma made me some blueberry muffins (as she typically does for me on my birthdays; but I always seem to forget that that awesome treat is coming!). Gosh how I love those! And Grandma wasn’t the only one that blessed me with delicious wonders on my special day. My dear friend, Cindy, baked me her special zucchini bread! Though, I think it’s technical name should be “a slice of heaven” or something, because it’s SO MUCH WORTHIER of a greater title!! Though, that name doesn’t go far enough either so maybe we’ll just call it “the awesome something that has no name” or “the bread of high regard“ or something far more distinguished that I can‘t think of because it‘s just THAT GOOD!! Maybe, “the bread to which none compares”? How can you POSSIBLY call it BREAD when it is soooooooooo much better than that?!! It’s moist, sweet, and delicious! Not quite “cake” but BETTER than a muffin! Oh, it’s glorious!! And, before ya’ll go thinking that I gorged myself silly, please know that I did share with Mitch and the kids. ;) Jama got to try the “bread” too. Lisa missed out this time, but at least she got some of Grandma’s angel food cake a while back (for those of you that aren’t on Facebook, it all started with something I posted about it on my status and my friend, Lisa, practically pleaded to help me eat it lol. So, I brought her a piece! Ha ha!! And, her and her husband made a hilarious video about it if you want to see!! It's on Facebook, so you'll have to login to see it).

Well, that was my birthday in a nutshell! I did go for a run in the morning. Holly called it my “birthday run.” I just called it “making myself exercise on my birthday even though I would rather take the day off “ lol. When your loved ones lay offerings of muffins and insanely delicious “bread” at your feet, you got to work off the side effects of those “gifts” somehow! ;)

The only other thing I can think of to say about my birthday was the fact that I totally messed myself up (unintentionally) with caffeine. For those of you that don’t know, caffeine really has weird effects on me. It can make me super giggly and retarded, or it can make me borderline crazy if I drink it when I’m on the tired side. Such was the case Tuesday, because I had WAY TOO MUCH! I had a mocha from McDonald’s on my way to see Jama. Then, I had a pop at the movie. Then, of course, Starbucks. I figured there was enough hours between the two coffees that I would be ok - but I forgot about the pop I had. So, by the time I got home, I was starting to feel the effects. I was getting woozy and starting to stagger and stammer like a drunk (I’m not kidding! Ask Mitch!). I couldn’t figure out what was wrong with me until it dawned on me. I could have about kicked myself for that because now, I had to deal with the “I’m so wound up I could climb the walls! I’m SPIDER-MAN” feeling. Caffeine messes with me so bad that sometimes I even hallucinate or end up experiencing every emotion known to man (from laughter to tears - and everything inbetween). I don’t know why my body is so ridiculously sensitive to stuff, but yeah. I couldn’t really go to sleep that night; tossed and turned and sometimes I have very absurd dreams. I don’t know why I’m babbling about all this (no, I don’t currently have any in my system!) but I guess I just wanted to make you all laugh! Did it work? ;)

Ok. Enough said!! I had a great day! Thank you, everyone, for being in my life! Hopefully, the Lord will bless me with many more years of joy and being able to share myself and my gifts with the world!! Thanks for reading the things that I share on this blog!! Grace and peace to you!! God bless you!


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