Thursday, April 14, 2016

The Words...They Don't Mean What You Think They Mean!

The new popular political terminology these days involve words like "career politician", "establishment", "political insider", and the ever so popular buzz word "outsider." I'm getting fed up with these words and here's why:
Today, we received two mailers from those running for Congress: Jim Banks and Kip Tom. While I understand WHY those around here are voting for Kip (given that he's a local, a farmer, and the "outsider") I am casting my vote for Jim Banks. 
Kip's mailer condemned Pam Galloway, Liz Brown, and Jim Banks for being state senators; labeling them those oh so terrible words of "career politicians" and "political outsiders". I think the only trendy word he forgot to throw in there was "establishment." In probably every instance in which these words and phrases are used, it is meant to be an insult and encourage voters to think that it makes a person corrupt and that they should be voted out of office. Generally speaking, I think that would probably be a fair generalization for many politicians (like Nancy Pelosi, for example). Indeed, there are many politicians that have been in the government for far too long and have used and abused their power; all the while accomplishing NOTHING for the American people. They most definitely deserve the the negative meaning of the label and their days of "service" should be over.


Like many words, there is more than one meaning. I think it is tasteless and unfair for Kip Tom to try and use these labels in its negative connotation to describe these decent conservative senators who have served Indiana well. I'm particularly turned off by the fact that he would like to slap a label like that on Jim Banks who has earned a few more "labels" that far removes him from the negative picture that Kip is trying to paint of him.

Jim Banks is a U.S. Navy Reserve veteran who took a leave of absence from the Indiana Sate Senate and his business to deploy to Afghanistan. I don't think he had much time to be a "political insider" because he was busy defending our freedom and doing more than just standing around talking about what America should be doing overseas. He actually went over there and DID something! Furthermore, this "career politician" has the endorsements of Allen County Right to Life, Indiana Right to Life, Gun Owners of America, The Senate Conservatives Fund, Dr. James Dobson, and MANY many more! WHY? Well, that's because in his "career" as a "politician" he has been taking action! He's not in this for himself. He's SERVING and getting things done and standing up for Hoosier values!

Meanwhile, Mr. "Outsider" has only one claim to fame: that he has no political experience and that because of that, we should vote him straight into Congress. Now, I don't know about you, but I am very confused as to WHY it is now a BAD thing to have experience, know what you're doing, and  serve as an elected representative for the people of the state/country that you love! I can't imagine running for office, but if I did, I would obviously start small and work my way up. That's how it typically goes, right? I mean, my own "career" in customer service type jobs didn't start with me being an Administrative Assistant at 14 years old. No, I started as a waitress and then a cashier at the local grocery store. I moved on to a local Christian bookstore, did some factory work for a short time, was a stay-at-home-mom for many years, and then reentered the workforce again as I went from retail superstore to small business bookstore once again. Each time, my experience got me better pay, a better position, and more experience to take into my next role...all leading up to the wonderful job I have now as an Administrative Assistant for the Salvation Army. Each employer gave me my job based on my experience as a "customer service insider" and my "career" in customer service lol. The retail "establishment" world hasn't soured my character or my passion for people. Rather, it has given me the opportunity to gain more insight and knowledge into how big businesses AND small businesses work and how to relate to people in different work environments. Experience makes you valuable!

It is our job, as voters, to look at a candidate's resume and see if his experience and accomplishments fit the job. Kip Tom "says" he's pro-life and for the 2nd amendment, but I see nothing on his mailer (or on his website) that tells me more than just those phrases. Compare that to Jim Banks' website where he gives details and insight into what he believes, what he fights for, HOW he has already fought for it, and WHAT he is going to do to CONTINUE that fight. Basically, the only thing Kip Tom is saying is that he's a farmer, has created jobs, and believes in our values. I'm sorry, sir, but just because vagueness works for Donald Trump doesn't mean that it's going to work for you (and it certainly doesn't work for me!).

Bottom line is, don't condemn a politician just because that's his title. It's not fair and accurate to apply a job stereotype to every person and situation. There are good and bad seeds in every profession. Some mechanics are fair; others rip you off. Most doctors are excellent, but some should have their licenses revoked. Most cops serve and protect the way they should; some abuse their power. Politicians are the same way. There ARE some good ones who really do care and serve the way our forefathers intended (like Rand Paul, for example). Don't let the corrupt ones sour it for you! Additionally, no one (no matter how good they are at their job) will be free from mistakes or be perfect in what they do. We're all human.  

I do not condemn Jim Banks for his experience or his career. It is BECAUSE of those things that he has been able to serve well (and will continue to do so). As for Kip Tom, I'm not doubting that he possibly has the potential to do well in Congress even though he has no political experience. After all, I have no degree or "real" experience as an Administrative Assistant but was still given a chance to prove myself, show off my skills and natural abilities, and serve my bosses, coworkers, and clients with all my heart. Kip may be worth a chance, but having no political experience doesn't automatically make you a good choice just because you're an "outsider". Experience IS good and it DOES matter! Kip's tagline on the other side of his mailer says, "He isn't like the other candidates." I agree. He's not, and that may not be such a good thing; just as having experience isn't such a bad thing. After all, the "career politician" isn't wasting space on his mailer to label Kip and try to make HIM look bad. ;)
My family & I with Marlin Stutzman at the Walk for Life.

Grace and peace to you, my friends! No matter what state you live in, I hope that you research the candidates and vote for those with the character, integrity, and experience to serve your state (and our country) well! I also endorse Marlin Stutzman for Senate and Ted Cruz for president! God bless you all and may God bless America!!