Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Galilean Home "Top Ten List" and Blog Links

Hopefully, you’ve enjoyed my blogs about The Galilean Children’s Home. I wanted to compose one final blog here so that I could present all the links (in case you missed reading any of them). So, here are the links….  

Part 1: A Mission of Laughter and Tears  

Part 2: Overcoming the Adjustment Period  

Part 3: New Highs and Lows 

Part 4: Lost and Found  

Part 5: What I Learned in Prison ;) 

Part 6: The Last Day  

Part 7: From One Home to Another 

 I also wanted to have a little bit of fun - “Top Ten” style. ;) So, if you want a few laughs, here’s my “Top Ten Things I Learned On The Mission Trip To The Galilean Home” (some of these will only be funny if you were on the trip or have read the blogs). 

#10 - One crying baby can start a domino-like chain reaction.  

 #9 - Anyone can sing spontaneously as if they were in a musical; and it doesn’t matter if you’re tone deaf! 

 #8 - It can be very difficult to truly make a Mennonite laugh.
 #7 - The hilly roads encourage some lead-footed drivers to go even faster.  
 #6 - If I ever want to be a magician, I have the perfect trick suitcase for it! 
120468504_c68075f6d7.jpg Caution: Magician Ahead image by bighoun 
 #5 - The Bread of Life Café serves more than just bread.
#4 - George is always getting some kind of “awar”. 
#3 - Maggie laughs like an oinking goose (even if she looks like a chicken)! 
#2 - Phil does NOT like being called Richard Simmons (don‘t ask him why, or he‘ll say a naughty word like he did in The Angel House)! 
#1 - The cell phone coverage is so bad that even the “can you hear me now?” guy would be put to shame!! 
Thanks for reading everyone!! If anything you have read has made you smile, laugh, cry, or has blessed your heart in any way, please consider blessing The Galilean Home with a donation!! Grace and peace to all of you, and God bless you all!!

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