Monday, June 15, 2009

God on the Greenway: Light and Darkness

Before I left for the mission trip to the Galilean Home in Kentucky, I had one last run on the Greenway. I was having a lot of pain that day, so I only ran two miles and walked the last two back (with a few sporadic runs in the mix).

Along the way, I saw a Blue Heron again. So neat!! I also encountered some geese once more. Like before, they were taking their precious time crossing the Greenway. They had ducklings with them, so I slowed down like I did last time so I wouldn’t spook them. It was a repeat of my last run, they hissed at me again! I still don’t appreciate that! LOL

As I moved along, I was losing my focus a little bit because I kept thinking about how aggravating it was that those geese were always in the way (and that they had the nerve to hiss at me). Thinking about it started messing up my momentum and concentration. It’s the same way with anything, really. If we don’t let go (and forgive) we can’t move on. Our pace isn’t very steady and we can think of nothing else except for what we’re dwelling on. So, as silly as it sounds, I “forgave” the geese. After all, I would be a little on the defensive side too if I thought I had to protect my own little “ducklings”. ;) When you can understand and empathize with whomever (or whatever) is lashing out at you, you can get over it quicker when you understand where they might be coming from. You don’t take it personally if you can find the relation point.

After moving on from that, I could progress in my exercise a LOT better! In fact, I had had my iPod in shuffle mode and it just so happened that it came to a song by Mandisa called “(Never Gonna) Steal My Joy”. It was so fitting! The lyrics spoke of not being robbed of your joy and that you can rise above every struggle. Indeed, I could make it - and no one or nothing (not even the geese) could stop me or steal my joy! LOL

The whole situation with the geese also reminded me of the fact that we are at war (spiritual war that is). Satan hisses at us a LOT! Though, we needn’t be intimidated because we DO have the upper hand (because of Christ). Yet, we do need to know the warning hisses and take them for what they are (and not fight them in the flesh either). Through Christ, we can endure any “hiss” or attack. Ultimately, Satan’s gonna lose!! Praise the Lord!

As I was finishing my time on the Greenway, it started getting really dark. I had gotten a late start that evening, so I knew I would be short on daylight. If I hadn’t been in so much pain, I probably could have gotten done faster, but I walked pretty much the whole way back so it took longer.

As the darkness set in, it got harder and harder to see. Yet, the dark was coming on so gradually that I barely even noticed it until I could barely see the path in front of me. Isn’t that how it is? When you’re in the dark (or progressing in it) you sometimes don’t realize it. Then, when you get into the light, you realize just what a big difference it is. It’s quite literally the difference between night and day. Even with the orange/pink moon that was out that night, it couldn’t light the way like the sun could! It’s beautiful, and it shines, but it only reflects the light of the sun. It can’t shine on its own. That’s just how Satan is too. He has no REAL power, beauty, or light. He APPEARS to be an angel of light (2 Corinthians 11:14), but he is nothing but a fraud and an imitator of the Son. He can’t light your way. You’re still in darkness! Only the Son can light your path and give you the clear sight you need to find the way!!

I was sure missing the sun as I was trying to get back to my van. Along the way, I had seen a hopping stick (in other words, a toad lol). And, I nearly stepped on another! It was starting to make me a little paranoid about what strange little things I might encounter. It’s no wonder that there is so much fear when one is in darkness. Fear isn’t a great thing, but in the right context, it sure can push you to conquer it!! I was all the more determined and desperate to leave it behind me with every step towards the “finish line”.

Needless to say, I finished the run and nothing harmed me. The Lord is with me always and He is my Protector and so much more!! As always, I accomplished what I set out to do because His strength got me through it (Philippians 4:13). Nothing overtook me; not geese, nor darkness, or fear. I got through it all! I am so thankful for how God lights my path and that He ALWAYS conquers the darkness in my life! Light ALWAYS swallows up darkness, but darkness can never swallow light! Amen!!

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