Sunday, October 21, 2018

Do You Need a Kind & Life-Giving Word Today?

This morning's church service was all about the power of words. Our words have the power to hurt or to heal. We were encouraged to be "life-giving fountains" as described in Proverbs 10:11. We were also cautioned about speaking idle and unkind words over others (as well as withholding life-affirming words from those who need it). As Christians, we should be calling out the best in others; inspiring them to embrace who God created them to be. If we see something good in someone, call it out!

If you know me very well at all, you know why this sermon resonates with me. I'm all about trying to be a life-giving fountain and am honored every time that someone sees the kind of heart that I have for others. Everywhere I've ever worked, I've had customers ask me why I'm always smiling and they compliment me on being positive and encouraging. Over and over again, I assure people it's because I have the Father's joy in my heart and that I want them to feel loved, valuable, and welcome. I can't tell you how many times I have prayed for and held people who couldn't fathom why I would be so nice to them. I love seeing the looks on their faces as I just listen to them and acknowledge their pain; regardless of what they've done or how bad life is for them. They are always fearful that they've said too much and that they are going to be judged. Yet, they are intensely relieved when they don't see me recoil at their confessions or give them the kind of look that would make them feel small. They see that I am a safe person and by the time we're done having a moment together, they feel much better about themselves and their situation.

That is why I am composing this post today. I felt the need to offer up kind words today for anyone who is desperately needing them. Have you been feeling down? Has someone said something that has cut you to your heart and you don't know how to get past the pain? Have you been questioning whether or not you matter? Is something weighing on you, or do you just need a refreshing drink of water in the form of a splash of kind words? I encourage you to leave me a comment. If you don't want to share anything specific, just comment "kind word". I'll pray and ask what God's heart is for you and call out whatever good I see in you (I promise you there's SOMETHING....even if I don't know you or know you very well). There are also a few people that I'll be contacting directly today that are coming to my mind.

I also want to encourage you to be refreshing to someone else; maybe even to this family that I'm trying to help (click here to learn more and read about my heart for them). Regardless of what you do or don't know about them and their struggles, I encourage you to ask God how He sees them. I urge you to empathize and to think of them and their innocent young children. I further implore you to refrain from any negativity and judgment directed towards them (or even me) for any reason; those kind of comments and messages are not welcome. Words hurt... and it hurts just as much when it's being said about someone you care about just like it would hurt if it were about yourself. I guess what comes to mind is how the onlookers objected to the woman who anointed Jesus, wept at His feet, and dried them with her hair (Luke 7:36-50). They wondered: 'Does He not know about the kind of woman who is touching him?' They looked at her past history, her sin, and her bad choices. Jesus was looking at her present, her heart, and her choices moving forward. He showed her mercy, compassion, and kindness; whether she "deserved" it or not. Even if she fell back into old ways the very next day, would that nullify the Savior's love for her or make any kindness spent on her a waste? Absolutely not!! He's not going to shake His head in disappointment and do a "face palm". No matter what, the Father is still going to pursue that lost sheep; because that sheep is infinitely valuable to Him. If that sheep wanders off again, He will keep leaving the ninety-nine to go after it....that's His "Reckless Love". No regrets. You may "know" things that I don't, and I may "know" things that you don't. All that matters is what the Father knows, what He says, and what He wants to do in this family's life. This Kingdom work is going to matter in eternity; one way or another. If you don't want to be a part of it, you don't have to. Just remember that if you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all. You may never know how much that idle word hurt someone; even if you were trying to say it "in love."

Grace and peace to you, my friends! Please, be aware of the power of life and death that your words have on others. Cherish the life-giving words that people have spoken over you and strive to do likewise. Additionally, forgive those who have spoken curses and painful words over your life (and seek forgiveness from those that YOU have hurt and are needing to forgive YOUR idle words). I'm not immune to this either! If I have been careless with my words with you, please contact me so I can make it right and seek your forgiveness! Let us remember that love covers a multitude of sins (Proverbs 10:12, 1 Peter 4:8). God bless you!