Sunday, July 11, 2010

Birthday Blog and What's "Up" with Me

As some of you may or may not know, something is "up" with me. So, I will briefly share about it so people don't have to speculate or keep asking me. However, before I get to that part, I know everyone has also been curious as to how my big day (my birthday) went. :) So, I'll share the "happy stuff" first.

To sum it up, my birthday was AWESOME!! I picked up my BFF/sis, April, and we went to Fort Wayne. Before we went to The Forum for our scheduled spa day, we stopped by the mall to buy ourselves tiaras so we could wear them for our pictures later (BRILLIANT idea, sis!). :) Then, we went to The Forum and had an AWESOME time! First, a massage. Next, a facial. Then, a manicure/pedicure, followed by hairstyling. Then, as if that weren't enough, Steve offered to do our make-up. It wasn't part of our spa package, but everyone was so excited to be a part of our awesome birthday that they were just beyond generous! Steve did our make-up for FREE (though April tipped him generously)! Thank you, Steve! Thank you, Forum (and thank you to Lydia, Lisa, and everyone that worked with April and me!). You guys are AWESOME and made our birthday unforgettable!

Next, we went back to the mall. It was funny because we were all dressed up and wearing our tiaras and lots of people were staring at us lol. Pretty funny to be all dressed up and eating at Auntie Anne's before our photo session, but we were hungry after being at the spa for like six hours! LOL

So, the time came for pictures! The heat of the day took the curl out of my hair quickly, be we still looked pretty awesome! :) Despite having to wait a while, we got a free sheet of prints to make up for it (plus we had coupons for more) so we got a heck of a deal on some pictures! Awesome!

As if that weren't enough, April had made reservations at Baker Street for dinner. Oh my gosh, it was PERFECT! The place was BEAUTIFUL! Everything from the music, atmosphere, decor, food, etc. was AMAZING!! The food is worth every penny - and we got free birthday desserts! April got the cheesecake and I got creme brulee (my first time ever having it!). Oh my gosh, so good!! Delicious entrees, yummy soup and bread, and such heavenly desserts! Plus, we opened the gifts we got each other!! And, wouldn't you know it, we both got each other a musical card that played the SAME song: "Girls Just Want To Have Fun." Do we know each other or what?!! :)

As if that weren't enough, we decided to keep the evening going! After all, in just one more hour, it would officially be April's birthday. We didn't want our big day to end! So, we called up April's bro and we all hung out for a while and sang karaoke. Well, April and I did anyways (and so did our friend, Mikey, who sang happy birthday to us too lol). And, we had our tiaras on the whole night and got treated like the birthday princesses that we were! :) We had an awesome time and then finally had to go home - but not before having a ton more girl talk on the way lol. I love my sis!! OXOX

My birthday was definitely one to remember! Such a high point! Though, as we know, the highs can sometimes be followed by some lows (or in my case, a very BIG low!). Ok, so here's what's "up", people. To put it bluntly, the kids and I moved out (and moved in) with my Dad and Lauri the day after my birthday. Mitch and I are getting a divorce. Those closest to me know my situation and that this is something that I have never WANTED to do. However, I'm in the position where I HAVE to. That's ALL I will say publicly. I'm not a mean person, and I don't do character assasination (it only reflects poorly on your own). However, I can't speak for anyone else, so I don't know who has heard what and frankly, I don't care. Those that know me know my heart and my character and I trust that true friends will have the wisdom and discernment to see the truth and disregard any lies and junk that might possibly be out there. Like I said, I don't know that there is, but I'm just saying. As Dr. Phil would say, "I don't care how flat you make a pancake, it's still got two sides." So, if we are acting maturely, I would think that one wouldn't take one side of the pancake over the other and just truly look at the whole thing - if you know what I mean. I don't expect (or request) anyone to take sides. All I hope for is that anyone who has nothing better to do than examine hotcakes would at least have enough sense to know the pancake as a whole. Hard to cry out that one side is a little over-cooked when the other is burnt black. I don't know if this metaphorical jargon makes any sense, but you get the idea. I guess all I'm saying is don't judge either side too harshly (or at all) or take anything as gospel unless you know the whole truth. Unless you're prepared to serve up your own pancake on a platter for all to see, I respectfully ask for you to hold any servings of judgment, condemnation, rudeness, and self-righteous advice. Thank you! :)

On that note, I guess the only other thing I have to say is thanks!! THANK YOU to the people who have been with me now, and through the years, and have given me their love, compassion, and support! I appreciate the true friends that I have that truly understand what's going on and are supporting me 100%! It means everything to me (you have no idea!). Please, keep the prayers coming (for all involved). I'm a mixed bag of emotions; and having a really hard time managing them.

Also, for those of you that keep asking me how you can help me, my answer (in addition to my first request of prayer) is that you can help me by letting me help you! Most of you know that I'm a Team Beachbody Coach and aside from my main reason being that I want to help people get fit and healthy, I really need the income I get from it (obviously). So, if you're one of my customers, let me know how I can help you get the most out of Team Beachbody. It's mutually beneficial! I get to help you with your health and fitness and you are helping a soon-to-be single Mom provide for herself and her kids by purchasing Beachbody programs/supplements/Shakeology/etc. and/or becomming a coach yourself (all those interested in coaching, and all the benefits it offers, please let me know!!!). ALL NEW CUSTOMERS WELCOME!! I would LOVE to be your coach and have you on my team!! :) Check out my "before" and "after" photos here, and sign up!! This is more than a job/income for me. It's one of my passions and I am good at what I do and am meant to do it! It gives me purpose and it blesses me to give back to others and see people transform their health and their lives (just as I continue to do with my own!).

Ok, I guess that's it! Would have posted some pictures with this blog, but I'm not on my own computer. You'll have to check out my picture album (if you're on my friends list on Facebook). Grace and peace to all of you! God bless you all! Thanks for your love and support!


Unknown said...

You are such a special person! I will pray for all of you through this trying time and pray that your business grows by leaps and bounds. I hope that you are blessed beyond your wildest dreams!

Melissa said...

Thank you so much, Dana! That's my prayer too!! :)

Shane Gilreath said...

Pancake this and pancake that. I don't get all that metaphorical stuff. I'm just a simpleton, you know? And as for the rest, I don't care what anyone else says (and you shouldn't either), I'm proud of you!

Glad you had a great birthday!

Oh, and do you get money for everyone that signs up for that beachbody? I know you've asked me to sign up, and I haven't, but if you get money, the least I can do is sign up for a free account, right?

Melissa said...

LOL. Oh come on! Don't pretend like you don't understand the metaphorical! ;)

Did I talk enough about my birthday to satisfy you? LOL

I don't get money for those that sign-up for a free account. All that does is designate me as your coach and you as my customer so that if you DO purchase anything through Beachbody (or become a coach) the credit goes to me and I WILL get commission then. But, just because you are my best friend and you love me, you should sign up anyways. ;) Didn't you say you wanted to lose weight anyhow?