Thursday, October 8, 2015

Bucks for Babies

Tonight, I posted on my Facebook and Twitter about the Walk for Life that is this Saturday (please share my post and tweets on your own social media!!). I'm DESPERATE to get the word out at the last minute to help reach that $60,000 goal for Heartline Pregnancy Center. I am sad to say that at this point, they still haven't even met half of their goal.

I truly do not understand how or why this is so hard. Life is the most basic thing that there is. There are many causes out there to fight for, but it all comes down to just of life, and survival of the human race. If we don't make this our priority, nothing else matters. If we don't fight for our own lives and the lives of others, what's left? Nothing!

Please, read my post about all that I'm willing to do (and the goals I have laid out) for this walk for life. Or, just simply click here to go to my fundraising page to pledge/donate. Then, share this post with as many people as possible....PLEASE! Email it, Facebook it, tweet it, etc. Please, DO SOMETHING!

Grace and peace to you, my friends. I am fighting hard and it's killing me inside because I feel like I'm pouring myself into something so vitally important and no one cares. It's like sounding an alarm that no one hears or warning people and yet they are unmoved and unchanged. I have to know that there are still people out there that care and are willing to stand with me and with the women and children that need us. Will you be that person? Share this post and share whatever you can spare to donate....even if it's just a buck, they all add up! Bucks for babies; and the kind that SAVES their lives and not profits off of them! God bless you!