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I'm Modeling In A Charity Fashion Show!

As evidenced by the title, I will be modeling in a charity fashion show for the Salvation Army on September 12th! Hence, it is my job to invite and recruit people to come and support this great cause! The cost is $25.00 per ticket or $200 for a table of eight. This admission cost grants you entry to the preview, luncheon, fashion show, and silent auction. All of the proceeds fund the Salvation Army programs that aid needy families in the community. They do MUCH MORE than just ring bells for spare change at Christmastime! They also serve the community through youth programs, tools for schools, community care, emergency disaster services, and much more! To see a list and description of what your dollars would be funding, please click here.

My dear friend, Jama, is in charge of this event and she never disappoints!! This won’t only be a great night to raise funds for those in need, but it will be a fun night that you’ll be sure to enjoy!! Contact Jama via the Fort Wayne Fashion page in order to purchase tickets (and be sure to check out the pictures of me and my fellow friends/models!). And, when you send in payment for your tickets, be sure to mention me on the referral form that‘s included!! ;) Thank you so very much!! I appreciate your support!! Hope to see you at the show!!

In the meantime (just for fun) check out this list of “Fashion Fiascos” that my friend (Amy) and I conjured up (Jama, I hope I made you proud lol!!). We made this list after Amy posted a few blogs about her pet peeve fashion faux pas. We originally collaborated to bring you a “Top Ten” list of “Fashion Fiascos” but ended up with 15 because there are just SO MANY!! ;) Anyways, we hope that you’re in good humor because chances are, you have “been there done that” (or ARE doing it lol). This is only done for a laugh and is in no way meant to be mean-spirited or judgmental. After all, who doesn’t look back on fashions past and present and say, “What was I thinking?” It can be hilariously funny, as well as a learning experience! He he. Feel free to share your own fashion "pet peeves" and enjoy the blog!


#15. “Matchies”20(as my friend Jama calls it)

“Matchies” is a disease in which your “outfit” matches a little bit TOO MUCH. Amy cites the example of when someone wears too much denim; like a denim shirt with denim pants. Of course, it’s GREAT not to “clash” but “match” carefully. ;) LOL

#14. Crocs

Sure, they’re comfortable, but CLUNKY! They stand out like a sore thumb! Although, the one perk is that they are so outrageous that they won’t “match” with anything and so you will avoid “Matchies” disease (though “Clunky Crocs” disease is not much better!). ;)

#13. Humongous Belt Buckles (Guys)

It seems that ladies can rock out any kind of belt, or belt buckle. But for guys, nah, they just don’t have the knack! It’s just plain old tacky (especially when paired with tight Wrangler jeans! I don’t know what’s worse, those or Gloria Vanderbilt jeans - as explained in Amy’s blog LOL).

#12 Pleated Pants

(explanation on Amy’s blog).

#11 Over-Accessorizing

Some mistakenly acquire this disease after recovering from “Matchies” disease. In an attempt to learn how to mix it up and add some diversity to the wardrobe, they overcompensate and end up looking like a gypsy or Mr. T....which is great (if that’s your Halloween costume).

#10 Outdated Or Overdone Hair And Makeup

Now we are getting into the REALLY serious fashion boo boos! You would think that the huge hair or "Queen Amidala" hair, mullets, rat tails, and the like would be extinct right now but alas, they are alive and well. If I have to explain why this is sad, then you are probably sportin’ one of these styles right now!! Scissors were invented long ago. Scissors are your friend - say it with me - “Scissors are my friend.”

Also, overdone make-up (and even underdone make-up) is another no-no. Treat yourself to a makeover (or make-under) if you look like the walking dead or Mimi (from “The Drew Carey Show”).

#09. Time Warp Clothing

There are times when “vintage” clothing can look neat. However, that's only if you know how to pull it off and if the particular “style” works. For example, stirrup pants just don’t work (my friend, Saundra, told me about someone she knows with this obsession!). Though, the pants that were called “bell bottoms” are now “flare” jeans and THOSE work.

#08. Stripes And Polka Dots

Once again, we have something that can sometimes “work” (if you KNOW how to “work it”). Otherwise, it can be a total disaster and leave you looking like you either escaped from prison or the circus. Probably the worst of the worst are when these two patterns are huge (as in wide stripes - ESPECIALLY horizontal ones - and LARGE dots). Be very careful with these patterns! Otherwise, you might be mistaken for a referee, a lost zebra, or a circus clown!

#07. Orange Tans

Sometimes too much sun (or sun tanner) is just too much!! The Oompa Loompa look works for NO ONE (remember Anne Hathaway in "Bride Wars"? LOL).

#06. Fanny Packs

OH THE HORROR!! LOL Though, I think all of us are guilty of this one. Me, personally, I have had at least three in my lifetime (and one was neon! I thought it was totally awesome at the time lol). Though, all of those fanny packs died long ago and are no longer in my possession. They died with the decade they were made popular in. I understand that they can sometimes be very “convenient” (believe me, I have been tempted). However, I have recovered from fanny packitis. If you are wearing a fanny pack, you might as well be carrying a superman lunch box and wearing a propeller hat on your head as you skip down the lane. (Are you laughing, Cindy? You know I’m just having fun don’t you lol? I know you don‘t technically “wear“ yours!). Oh, and in case you don't notice right away, the last picture is also a nice example of #4 and #1 (which you will soon read about!). ;)

#05. Spandex And Tight Clothes

Ahem, enough said!

#04. “Muffin Tops” And “Tuckers”

This is classic as well as epidemic. I know we have all been guilty of these! I think everyone knows what a “Muffin Top” is. It’s the “my pants are too tight and my fat oozes over like a muffin top” look. Yeah, ew! This happens when you are in what Jama calls “size denial” (and can go along with fiasco #5). In addition to “muffin tops,” “tuckers” are the ones that almost always tuck in their shirts. Sometimes, it can look ok; but more often than not, it doesn’t.

#03. Granny Dusters aka "Mu Mus" (IN PUBLIC!!)

Ok, I won’t knock the granny dusters in the privacy of one’s own home. After all, some do prefer those kinds of “nighties” (if you want to call them that). But, you cross the line when you wear them IN PUBLIC!! It’s made doubly bad when it’s paired with the “curlers in your hair” look. WHY would anyone want to wear that out in public anyways? That’s like someone going shopping in a hospital gown or something! LOL There’s a time and place for those kinds of “nighties” and “gowns” but it’s in the privacy of one’s sleeping quarters. ;)

#02. No Support For “The Girls”

Sometimes this one can go along with the granny dusters. It must be another kind of disease where you think if you wear a granny duster, you don’t need a bra and “the girls” can just “hang low”(think Tyler Perry as "Madea"). Hang low? No, no, NO! There are PLENTY of great bras out there, ladies! There’s no reason why you have to trip over your ta tas!! (No picture here. I'll spare you the horror!).


#01. MOM JEANS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That’s right, MOM JEANS!! No woman should EVER have to be subjected to jeans that make her butt look monstrous and totally screw up how she looks proportionately! Mom Jeans have that eerie way of making you look like you have all butt and breast and no middle (to guys, this might originally sound appealing, but when you actually see what I‘m talking about, I think you‘ll ultimately be appalled)! Maybe we can call that “the accordion look” where your upper body and lower body scrunch together (see SNL's Mom Jeans "commercial" lol).

So, there you have it!! That’s our top 15 “Fashion Fiascos”. I hope you had a good laugh (maybe even at yourself! I know I did! I’ve had LOTS of my own “Fashion Fiascos” in my time!). I also hope that it’s given you a new sense of “fun” when it comes to fashion. To Amy, me, and most girls (and sometimes guys), it’s creative expression. It’s like art. It’s fun to put a “look” together. Though, as you can see, be careful in your creativity or it won’t end up looking like a masterpiece! LOL If anyone spots someone that is doing all 15 of these no-nos at the same time, I would LOVE to see a picture of it!! LOL (Or, even if it's just most of the no-nos). Wouldn't that be a sight?! Beware of mullet men in spandex with tucked in denim shirts, as well as ladies in polka dotted granny dusters (with no “support”) with “matching” Crocs!! ;) Have a “fashionable” day everyone!! ;)

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